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Attacking Violence: Prevention and Intevervention Blume, Libby Balter; Stovall, Bennie M.
Social Perspectives on Violence Blume, Thomas W.
Biological Factors in Family Violence Weisfeld, Glenn; Aytch, Donald M.
Prevention of Conflict in Divorcing Families: SMILE Soderman, Anne K.; Ellard, Mona J.; Eveland, Thomas S.
Domestic Violence: The Role of the Health Care Professional McClure, Bonnie M.
Elder Abuse: Identifying and Assisting the Victim Sengstock, Mary C.
Book Reviews Lewis, Lyn; McNair, Shannan; Price, Jerome A.; Barber, Betty; DeGenova, Mary Kay
Media Reviews Strouse, Jeremiah M.; Blume, Libby Balter