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Keating, Mary The Accident: An Experience Worth Having
Vitzthum, Virginia J. Acknowledgements
Wolfe, Thomas C. Adzhubei's Last Text
Behar, Ruth Ambiguous Genders: Looking for the Woman in a Mexican Woman's Life Story
Thompson, Gale American Attitudes Toward the Human Body and the Natural World, and American Values: You Can't Improve on Nature and Ain't Modern Science Granḍ
Wasylyshyn, John An Analysis of American Culture as Presented in Two "Hardy Boys" Books That Differ In Time
Love, Thomas Andean Interzonal Bartering: Why Does It Persist in a Cash-Market Economỵ
Hanes, Constance Anorexia Nervosa: A Study of the Commoditization of Woman
Wheelock, Angela Anthropological Contributions To Cross-Cultural Dialogue: Needs And Possibilities
Owusu, Maxwell Anthropology and Afro-American Studies: Scholarship or Ideologỵ
Walker, Anne Anthropology: Some Reflections on the State of the Art
Thompson, Gale Approaches to the Analysis of Myth, Illustrated by West Side Story and "Snow White"
Hurtig, Janise The Araucanians (A Story)
Ives, John W. The Archaeological Correlates of the Athapaskan Kaska
Moore, Katherine M. Archaeological Correlates of the Ona: Hunter-Gatherers of the Sub-Antarctic
Shott, Michael J. Archaeological Implications of Revisionism in Ethnography
de Montmollin, Oliver The Archaeological Record of an Alaskan Whale-Hunting Community
Ramilisonina Archaeology and the Ala Faly or "Sacred Forest," Androy, Southern Madagascar
Witherspoon, Gary Are Universal Theoretical Models Possiblẹ