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The Great Lakes Botanist (formerly The Michigan Botanist through Volume 55), established in 1962, is the peer-reviewed, quarterly journal of the Michigan Botanical Club. More...

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Volume 60, Nos. 1-2 (January-June, 2021)


On the cover: Oak forest at Leonard Wildlife Preserve in Berrien County, Michigan, showing a medium-size white oak at the left and numerous juveniles and saplings, mostly of maples and beech. Photo by Dan Engel.

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Michael Huft

Manchester University’s Plant Collection: An Important Plant Resource for Northeastern Indiana

Gabrielle L. Hochstetler, Audrey L. Jackson, K. D. Durden, and Michael C. Rotter

In Memoriam—Don C. Henson

A. A. Reznicek and Michael R. Penskar

Volume 60, Nos. 3-4 (July-December, 2021)


On the cover: Botrychium neolunaria in an old-field in Beltrami Island State Forest, Lake of the Woods County, Minnesota, under boxelder with three other Botrychium species. Photo by Malcolm MacFarlane.

In This Issue

Michael Huft

Botanical Assessment of High-Quality Woodland Parcels in the Undeveloped Lowell Regional Greenspace, Kent County, Michigan

David P. Warners, Garrett E. Crow, Jonathan D. Walt, Carolyn R. Koehn, Zachary E. Hartwig, and DeAnna Clum

Molecular Data Reveal the Secret Meeting of the American and Eastern Beaked Hazelnuts

Jianhua Li, Tori King, Lukas Bruxvoort, and Jianguang Xie