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Burton V. Barnes: An Extraordinary Teacher Devoted to Student Learning MacGregor, Jean; Gunn, Melanie vol. 54 no. 1-2 January
Asia: Too Much!—Burt’s Influence Beyond the Borders of the USA Makino, Yuka; Saeki, Ikuyo; Kashian, Daniel M. vol. 54 no. 1-2 January
Huron Mountain Club Bryophyte And Lichen Collection Deposited at Northern Michigan University Manierre, Dr. William R. vol. 47 no. 2 March, 2008
Rare Plant Species and Plant Community Types of Manitou Island and Gull Rock, Keweenaw County, Michigan Marr, Janet Keeney; Pensker, Michael R.; Albert, Dennis A. vol. 48 no. 4 October
Noteworthy Collection - Michigan Marr, Janet Keeney vol. 41 no. 4 October, 2002
Noteworthy Collection - Michigan Marr, Janet Keeney; Trull, Susan J. vol. 41 no. 2 March, 2002
Tanacetum Bipinnatum Germination and Competitive Interaction with Centaurea Stoebe Seedlings Marshall, Jordan M. vol. 50 no. 4 October
Two Northward Range Extensions in Leelanau County, Michigan May, Liana N. vol. 56 no. 3-4 July
Flora and Vegetation of Kalamazoo County, Michigan McKenna, Duane D. vol. 43 no. 3 Summer, 2004
Asclepias Verticillata and Roadways of the Upper Midwest: From Home on the Range to Life in the Fast Lane McKenna, Duane D. vol. 41 no. 4 October, 2002
A Note on Mucilage and Herbivore Damage on Brasenia schreberi in a Northern Michigan Lake Mydlowski, Emily A.; Rotter, Michael C. vol. 56 no. 1-2 January