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Changes in Hoosier Prairie Oak Savanna During 27 Years of Prescribed Fire Management Bacone, John A.; Rothrock, Paul E.; Wilhelm, Gerould; Post, Thomas W. vol. 46 no. 3 May, 2007
Vascular Plant Survey of Privately Owned Wetlands, Pavilion Township, Kalamazoo County, Michigan Baker, Kathleen M.; Whatley, C. Elizabeth vol. 49 no. 3 July
Fraxinus in a Great Lakes Urban Street Tree Community, Kalamazoo, Michigan Baker, Kathleen M.; Lemberg, Dave vol. 47 no. 3 May, 2008
A Comparison of Prey Capturing Efficiency Between Two Species of Sundew, Drosera Linearis and Drosera Rotundifolia Baltensperger, Andrew P. vol. 43 no. 1 Winter, 2004
Editorʼs Note: The 50th Volume of The Michigan Botanist Barkman, Todd J. vol. 50 no. 1 January
Editor's Note: 44 Years of Progress Barkman, Todd J. vol. 45 no. 1 January, 2006
Annotated Checklist of the Flora of the Kalamazoo Nature Center with Natural Community Descriptions Bassett, Tyler vol. 50 no. 2 April
Potential Role of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in the Restoration of an Abandoned Surface Mine Site in Wisconsin Bentivenga, Stephen P.; Abler, Steven W. vol. 42 no. 3 Summer, 2003
Assessing a Reconciliation Ecology Approach to Suburban Landscaping: Biodiversity on a College Campus Bouma, Christopher; Huizenga, Emily; Warners, David vol. 52 no. 3-4 July
Discovery of Chamaenerion latifolium (L.) Holub (Onagraceae) in the Great Lakes Region Brinker, Samuel R. vol. 56 no. 1-2 January
[Book Reviews] Volume 46 Issue 3 Burden, Christina; McWilliams, Kelly M. vol. 46 no. 3 May, 2007
Two Records of Achlorophyllous Cypripedium From Wisconsin Bushman, Matt vol. 45 no. 4 October, 2006