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In This Issue Huft, Michael PDF (54kb)
Vascular Flora of Pierce Cedar Creek Institute, Barry County, Michigan Slaughter, Bradford S. PDF (2.7mb)
Response of 25 Rare Plant Species on Rocky Shorelines of Isle Royale National Park in the Face of Extreme Water Levels in Lake Superior Sanders, Suzanne; Kirschbaum, Jessica; Johnson, Sarah E. PDF (512kb)
Bryophytes of Butternut Pines, Oconto County, Wisconsin Freire, A. Virginia; Judziewicz, Emmet J.; Bowers, Frank D. PDF (329kb)
DNA Barcoding of Macrofungi from the 2018 Smith Foray: New Fungal Records for Wisconsin and the United States of America Dirks, Alden; Russell, Stephen D. PDF (166kb)
Effects of Beaver Disturbance on Vegetation of a Permanent Plot in The Huron Mountain Club Reserve Riege, Dennis A. PDF (1.1mb)
Discovery of a Population of State Endangered Trillium erectum L. (Melanthiaceae) in West Central Illinois Mountjoy, D. James; Gant, P. Anthony PDF (210kb)
First Record of the Invasive Japanese Stiltgrass, Microstegium vimineum (Poaceae), in Canada Burt, Corey W.; Consiglio, Jessica A.; Oldham, Michael J. PDF (558kb)
Landoltia punctata (Araceae), a New Distributional Record for the Ozarks Kissoon, La Toya T.; Cheri, Cameron R.; Bowles, David E. PDF (290kb)
The Discovery of Eriophorum russeolum Fr. subsp. leiocarpum Novoselova (Cyperaceae), White-Bristled Russet Cottongrass, in Michigan Routledge, Rob; Graeff, Alex; Marr, Janet PDF (586kb)
The Discovery of Utricularia ochroleuca (Lentibulariaceae), Yellowish-White Bladderwort, in Michigan Routledge, Rob; Graeff, Alex; Crow, Garrett E. PDF (569kb)
Michigan Ferns & Lycophytes: A Guide to the Species of the Great Lakes Region by Daniel D. Palmer Huft, Michael PDF (72kb)
Announcements PDF (52kb)