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Bog Flora in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, Area: A Comparative Study Across Sites and over Time–1901 to 2017 Jolman, Devani Antuma; Van Donselaar, Jenna L.; Warners, David P.; Crow, Garrett E. PDF (2.2mb)
Additions to the Vascular Flora, and Notes on the Phytogeography, of Lake County, Michigan Slaughter, Bradford S.; Klain, Amanda K. PDF (2.2mb)
Differential Persistence Among Native Species Planted in a Stormwater Retention Pond Herrick, Bradley M.; Buschert, Elizabeth; Doherty, James M.; Olson, Erik R. PDF (2.6mb)
Growth and Climate Response of Four New Tsuga canadensis (L.) Carrière (Eastern Hemlock) Tree-Ring Chronologies from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Dye, Alex; Woods, Kerry PDF (944kb)
The Allelopathic Effect of Rhamnus cathartica L. Leaves and Fruit Liptow, Kai; Bogdanske, Don PDF (121kb)
Bryophytes of St. Martin Island, Delta County, Michigan Freire, A. Virginia; Route, Tana; Judziewicz, Emmet J. PDF (3.4mb)
Diatom Community Composition Within Ophrydium Colonies in Northern Michigan and the Description of a New Species of Encyonopsis Krammer Mark, Ashley; McKim, Siena; Lowe, Rex; Kociolek, J. P. PDF (2.5mb)