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The purpose of the Michigan Botanical Foundation (MBF) is to provide sup- port for Michigan botanical research, educational publications, and related activ- ities that enhance the knowledge and preservation of Michigan’s flora.

The MBF welcomes grant applications from anyone as long as such requests meet the Foundation’s purpose and funding goals. MBF ordinarily makes grants in the range of USD $100–USD $1,500, although exceptions may be made. Ge- ographic preference is the State of Michigan; however, funding for projects in the broader Great Lakes region may be considered. The MBF Board of Directors typically evaluates grants throughout the calendar year. All grant applications must be submitted electronically to the current MBF President, Judy Kelly, at

To help achieve the mission of the Foundation, grants will be made to support endeavors, both research-and community-based, that are consistent with the mission of the Foundation. The Foundation is interested in funding the following types of projects:

1. Research projects that involve the study of Michigan plants, including, but not limited to: (a) state or federally listed (rare, threatened, or endangered) species; (b) competition between invasive and native species; or (c) floris- tic surveys; 2. Environmental projects that have one or more of the following features: (a) the project will raise public awareness of Michigan’ s flora; (b) the project involves preservation, reclamation, or restoration of native habitat; (c) the proposed uses of the project site and access to it will result in public edu- cation; 3. Educational efforts such as workshops, institutes, conferences, and ex- hibits that hold the promise of increasing public awareness and knowledge of Michigan ‘s flora. Student scholarships to attend valuable botanical conferences and educational programs are also considered for funding. These grants will be made on a case-by-case basis upon application to the Foundation when adequate funding exists. Applications for grants must be shown to have educational value with respect to Michigan’s flora and may be funded in whole or in part.

Detailed guidelines for completing an application, a list of funding limita- tions, and expectations of grant recipients are available at http://michbotclub .org/mbf-grant-guidelines/. Further information about the Foundation is avail- able at