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110 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST Vol. 55 ANNOUNCEMENT NAME CHANGE AND EXPANDED GEOGRAPHICAL COVERAGE With the first issue of Volume 56, this journal, which has been known as The Michigan Botanist since its inception in 1962, will change its name to The Great Lakes Botanist. At the same time, the geographical coverage will expand, and we will begin accepting papers for publication on the botany of North America north of Mexico generally. The legend, �A Journal of North American Botany� will ap- pear on the cover, replacing the current legend, �A Journal of Great Lakes Botany.� The new name is in belated recognition of the fact that that the journal has al- ways published research articles on the plants of the Great Lakes states and also signifies that along with the expansion of the geographical coverage to all of North America, The Great Lakes Botanist will nevertheless maintain the Great Lakes region as one area of special focus. The Great Lakes region is defined as the entirety of the states and provinces bordering any of the Great Lakes, that is, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, and New York. The retention of this special focus recognizes the desire of many contributors in the Great Lakes area to be able to continue publishing papers with a regional floristic focus or similar articles in a journal which has a recog- nized focus on the Great Lakes region. For this reason, we have chosen a name that refers to this region rather than some more general name that would reflect the greater geographical coverage Nevertheless, even while we maintain this spe- cial focus, we actively invite contributions of research articles on the botany of North America generally. The Great Lakes Botanist will continue to cover a broad area of subject mat- ter and will publish papers on all aspects of the natural history of plants of North America north of Mexico, including systematics, floristics, ecology, conserva- tion, botanical history, economic botany and ethnobotany, restoration, and other areas of organismal botany. Plant groups include vascular plants, bryophytes, fungi, and algae. The Great Lakes Botanist is an open access publication; its contents are avail- able upon publication at The journal does not currently impose page charges. Page  111 2016 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST 111 ANNOUNCEMENTS ISOBEL DICKINSON MEMORIAL AWARD RECIPIENT Congratulations to Robert C. Roos, who was the recipient of the Isobel Dick- inson Memorial Award for best student-authored paper published in The Michigan Botanist, Volume 54. The selected paper was entitled �The Initial Ef- fects of Community Variables on Sand Prairie Restoration: Species Establish- ment and Community Responses� by Robert C. Roos and Todd A. Aschenbach, The Michigan Botanist 54: 92�123. We acknowledge the Michigan Botanical Club�Dickinson Award Committee for evaluation of the student papers and the Michigan Botanical Foundation for funding this award. CORRECTION In the review of A Field Guide to the Natural Communities of Michigan pub- lished in Volume 55, Nos. 1�2, the second reference to the agency �Michigan Natural Features Inventory� was incorrectly printed as �Michigan Natural Re- sources Inventory.� We regret the error. Page  112 112 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST Vol. 55 ANNOUNCEMENT REVIEWERS FOR 2016 I wish to thank the following people who reviewed manuscripts during 2016 for The Michigan Botanist. Their comments were important, both to the authors and to the editor, and their efforts, which are essential to maintaining the high quality of the journal, are greatly appreciated. Tyler Bassett Santiago Lopez Karl Cottenie Robbin Moran Garrett Crow Scott Namestnik Mercedes Foster Michael Penskar Linda Graham Alan Prather Charlotte Gyllenhaal Anton A. Reznicek Peter C. Hoch Michael Rotter Emmet Judziewicz J. Dan Skean, Jr. Patrick Kociolek Pamela Smith Thomas G. Lammers Michael Vincent Page  113