ï~~ 2011 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST 49 ED VOSS-AS AN EDITOR Richard K. Rabeler University of Michigan Herbarium 3600 Varsity Drive Ann Arbor MI 48108-2228 Thomas J. Rosatti University and Jepson Herbaria 1001 Valley Life Sciences Building #2465 University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, CA 94720-2465 Ed Voss founded The Michigan Botanist, with the first issue appearing 1962. It was "his" from the start. Not only did he edit submitted articles, he provided many book reviews, and started several regular features. Michigan Plants in Print was an annotated list of "significant literature relating to Michigan botany since the beginning of 1960"; installments of this feature appeared in 27 volumes of the journal (see list in the introductory article). News of Botanists included notes about faculty assuming new positions, graduate students completing degrees and assuming new positions, etc. He oversaw the editing and production of the first 15 volumes, handing over the editorial reigns to Howard Crum in 1977; the Club honored Ed for his service as the first editor with an award. He continued to serve as an advisor to the journal, remaining on the Editorial Board until his passing. As many know, Ed was an editor's editor. He developed a command for the English language, no doubt fostered by his father's experiences in teaching Latin and Greek. Typos, incorrect usage, and factual errors were not for him. The editorial staff at the Ann Arbor News knew him well from the many letters to the editor that he penned over the years. I (RKR) remember when I submitted my second paper to The Michigan Botanist around 1980. Although not the editor at the time, Ed reviewed the paper. His review was nearly as long as the paper-scary to a grad student, but the thoroughness made it a much better paper. When I (RKR) became one of the co-editors of The Michigan Botanist in 1988, I knew that he always inspected the latest issue when it arrived. I always approached the release of another issue with trepidation-would the "0" in "Botanist" be precisely aligned over the Straits of Mackinac on the cover? Would Ed spot some needless typos? Would the fourth number of a volume be mailed during the same calendar year-Ed did notice the one time when that did not take place. Actually, having the founding editor watching likely made my products better! Anyone who knew Ed was well aware that Ed "told it like it is"; no skirting an issue for him. Ed received a copy of a volume entitled Manual of the Seed
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