ï~~ 18 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST Vol. 50 "FRATERNALLY, ED"-A REMEMBRANCE OF ED VOSS FROM UNDERGRADUATE DAYS Tom S. Cooperrider Department of Biological Sciences Kent State University Kent Ohio 44242 I met Ed Voss (Fig. 3) in 1947 (65 years ago!), when we were both freshmen at Denison University in Granville, Ohio. Ed had enrolled in September 1946. I was discharged from the Army in November and enrolled at Denison in January 1947. By the end of the spring semester, we were members of the same fraternity. Over the years since then, he always closed his letters with the words, "Fraternally, Ed." Those who know us might not think of either Ed or me as a typical fraternity man, and that would be correct. An understanding of how we came to be frater FIGURE 3. Ed Voss as an undergraduate at Denison University.
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