Page  96 ï~~96 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST Vol. 48 96 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST Vol. 48 ODE TO MY GRANDPA by Emily Rachel Ehrle (age 18) Some are old Some are chatty Some are cold Some are just batty. But today the one I have in mind Is a grandfather of a special kind He loved gardens Was a friend to every tree But the most important thing he grew Was his family. To measure champion trees He made a science Even in bad times He lived with death defiance. But then the day came when he went away... If you listen now in the forest depths You will find he didn't leave us behind A part of him is still left. His children and grandchildren live He did not die I insist he still exists in each of us - you and I. It's a gift to remember, you see The blessing of his memory. Today and all days he will still aspire To fly in the forest trees with the birds If not higher. His death is not the end of his art To think of all he did Is not to measure a tree But to measure a man's heart.