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ï~~78 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST Vol. 47 grows well in quiet waters and will likely spread among the diked marshes of Ohio's southern Lake Erie coast. Control methods for this species are only by hand-pulling or mechanical harvest (Natureserve 2007). Specimen citation: LUCAS CO.: At northwest end of large diked marsh, Cedar Point National Wildlife Refuge, SE1/4 Sec. 15, Jerusalem Twp., 7 Jul 2004, Gardner & J. Mack 4946 (OS). LITERATURE CITED Catling, P. M. and W. G. Dore. (1982). Status and identification of Hydrocharis morsus-ranae and Limnobium spongia (Hydrocharitaceae) in northeastern North America. Rhodora 84:523-545. Catling, P. M. and Z. S. Porebski. (1995). The spread and current distribution of European Frogbit, Hydrocharis morsus-ranae L., in North America. The Canadian Field-Naturalist 109:236-241. Catling, P. M., G. Miltrow, E. Haber, U. Posluszny, and W.A. Charlton. (2003). The biology of Canadian weeds. 124. Hydrocharis morsus-ranae L. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 83:1001-1016. Cooperrider, T. S., A.W. Cusick, and J. T. Kartesz, eds. (2001). Seventh Catalog of the Vascular Plants of Ohio. Ohio State University Press, Columbus, Ohio. 195 p. Gardner, R. L. (2004). The Vascular Flora of Cedar Point National Wildlife Refuge, Lucas County, Ohio. Unpublished report submitted to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Columbus, Ohio. Haynes, R. R. (2000). Hydrocharis. In: Flora of North America Editorial Committee, eds. 1993+. Flora of North America North of Mexico. 12+ vols. New York and Oxford. Vol. 20, pp. 27-28. Jones, R. A. (2005). Two invasive aquatic plants: fanwort and European frog-bit. Ontario Natural Heritage Information Centre Newsletter, 10(1): 15-16. NatureServe. (2007). NatureServe Explorer: An online encyclopedia of life [web application]. Version 6.2. NatureServe, Arlington, Virginia. Available http://www.natureserve.org/explorer. (Accessed: November 14, 2007). Roberts, M. L., R. L. Stuckey, and R. S. Mitchell. (1981). Hydrocharis morsus-ranae (Hydrocharitaceae) new to the United States. Rhodora 83:147-148. Richard L. Gardner Ohio Natural Heritage Program ODNR Division of Natural Areas & Preserves 2045 Morse Road, Building F-1 Columbus, Ohio 43229
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