Page  67 ï~~2008 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST 67 HURON MOUNTAIN CLUB BRYOPHYTE AND LICHEN COLLECTION DEPOSITED AT NORTHERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY Dr. William R. Manierre Huron Mountain Club N 4700 Co. Rd. KK Post Office Box 70 Big Bay, Michigan 49808 734-663-3967 ABSTRACT This paper reports the transfer of the Manierre collection of nonvascular plants from the Huron Mountain Club to the Herbarium of Northern Michigan University in Marquette where, upon application, it is now available for scientific study. The collection contains specimens of 701 species or near species of mosses, liverworts, lichens and hornworts in approximately 291 genera including a large number of rarities-all collected within the 20,000 acres of the protected lands of the Huron Mountain Club. The timing of this announcement is peculiarly appropriate as the threat of sulfide mining at the headwaters of the Salmon Trout River becomes increasingly imminent. My extensive collection of bryophytes and lichens collected over the course of 20 years at the Huron Mountain Club (Marquette County, Michigan) has been placed in the Herbarium of Northern Michigan University (NMU). Value of this collection results, in part, from limitation to a specific area of approximately 20,000 acres well known for the biodiversity of their old growth forests, the purity of their lakes and streams, and their unique geology (Wilson 1990). The large number of taxa represented here and the high degree of rarity among them suggest the environmental importance of this protected private holding. The collection contains 290 species or near species of mosses, 83 of liverworts, 327 of lichens and a lone hornwort Phaeoceros laevis (L.). Thus, this holding represents slightly more mosses than the Keweenaw Peninsula (Glime & Slavick 1985), more lichens than the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (Wetmore 1988), 67% of the lichens reported from Isle Royale National Park (Wetmore 1985), and no less than 80 species not yet reported from that fertile location which is approximately seven times larger than the Club. The Huron Mountain Club is presently the only known existing location in the Western Hemisphere for the moss Gyroweisia reflexa (Brid.) Schimp. (Manierre 1998) and the finding there in 1998 of Caloplaca invadens Lynge (Manierre 1999b) marks the first time this lichen has been found within the lower 48 states. Eight additional taxa were reported here as "first finds for the state of Michigan": the mosses Bryum alpinum Huds. ex With. (Manierre 2001b), Eurynchium praelongum (Hedw.) Schimp. in B.S.G. (Manierre 1999b), Grimmia anodon Bruch & Schimp. (Manierre 1999a), Grimmia donniana Sm. (Manierre 2001b), Leskea polycarpa Hedw. (Manierre 1999a), Physcomitrium immersum Sull. (Manierre 1999a), Pseudoleskeela sibirica (Arnell) P. Wils. &

Page  68 ï~~68 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST Vol. 47 Norris (Manierre 1999b) and the lichen Solorina spongiosa (Ach.) Anzi. (Manierre 1999b) (see cover). As further indication of the botanical richness of this venue I cite the following ten additional rarities: Bryum muehlenbeckii Bruch & Schimp. (Manierre 1999a), Ephemerum spinulosum Bruch & Schimp. (Manierre 1999a), Fabronia ciliaris (Brid.) Brid. var ciliaris (Manierre 1999a), Gyroweisia tenuis (Hedw.) Schimp. (Manierre 1999a), Philonotis capillaris Lindb. in Hartm. (Manierre 1999a), Seligeria campylopoda Kindb. in Mac. & Kindb. (Manierre 1999a), Sphagnum quinquefarium (Lindb. ex Braithw.) Warnst. (Manierre 1999b), Sphagnum ripariium Angst. (Manierre 1999b) for the mosses and Phaeoceros laevis (L.) Prosk. subsp. laevis (Manierre 1999a) and Lophozia obtusa (Lindb.) Evans (Manierre 1999a) for the hornworts and liverworts respectively. Specimens of the above rarities for Upper Michigan are in the Herbarium of the University of Michigan except for Caloplaca invadens, Lophozia obtusa and Fabronia ciliaris my collections of which being too small for division. Identifications were scrupulously attended to. By far the most were made by Dr. Howard Crum of the University of Michigan whose many contributions to the project made it possible and whose death in 2002 brought it to an end. I would collect at Huron Mountain for six months each summer and identify what I could. During the remaining six months of the year I would meet weekly in Ann Arbor with Dr. Crum in his University of Michigan Herbarium office where we would ponder together at meetings of two to three hours each over taxa that had proved too difficult for me. This routine continued for better than fifteen years during which Dr. Crum gave to the project an estimated seven hundred hours of his personal time. He examined just about every item in the collection-probably 95% of the bryophytes and a large portion of the lichens-not to mention the lone hornwort which particularly pleased him. Dr. Crum was somewhat less sure of the lichens and, while identifying many of these himself, he would occasionally send difficult ones to other specialists in order to obtain the greatest accuracy possible. Among these are the following, to each of whom most sincere thanks are due and herewith tendered: Bruce Allen, Irwin M. Brodo, William R. Buck, Alan M. Fryday, Richard C. Harris, Norton G. Miller, John W. Thomson, Dale H. Vitt, Clifford M. Wetmore, and special thanks for technical assistance and advice to Dr. Dana L. Richter of Michigan Technological University. A complete list of bryophyte and lichen species found at the Huron Mountain Club is provided in the Appendix and can also be viewed by visiting the Huron Mountain Wildlife Foundation website, Specimens of all taxa on the list are held in the Herbarium NMU with the exception of 18 lichens that were collected in 1949 and 1976 by Henry A. Imshaug and James Malachowske. Of these, 16 are deposited at MSC while two are at MICH where are also found duplicates of some of the rarer items mentioned in this paper. Further information regarding this collection is available upon request to Dr. Alan Rebertus, Curator of the Herbarium, Biology Department, Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI 49855, email, TEL. 906-227-2351. Coincidentally, this announcement, submitted for publication to The Michigan Botanist, follows close upon the appearance on the "Web" of Professor Kerry D.

Page  69 ï~~2008 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST 69 Woods' "All-Taxa Biodiversity Inventory of the Huron Mountain Club," which includes 4321 "documented species". This inventory culminates approximately one hundred years of increasingly serious scientific activity at that location and, latterly, through the auspices of the Huron Mountain Wildlife Foundation. Dr. Woods stresses that the "Inventory" is not a finished product. Rather, it is ongoing, subject to continual revision; addition, correction, and where necessary reduction as species die out or simply disappear. With this in mind, it is reasonable to hope that government supported sulfide mining in The Yellowdog Plains, adjacent to the Huron Mountain Club, does not spell "culminate" with a capital "C". LITERATURE CITED Glime, J. M. and A. D. Slavick. (1985) A Checklist of Bryophytes and their Critical Localities in the Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan. The Michigan Botanist 24: 153-163. Manierre, W. R. (1998) Gyroweisia reflexa, a Moss New for the United States. Evansia 15: 30-31. Manierre, W. R. (1999a) Interesting Bryophytes in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Evansia 16: 68-73. Manierre, W. R. (1999b) Bryophytes and Lichens of the Huron Mountain Club. Evansia 16: 152-166. Manierre, W. R. (2001a) Additions to the Lichen Flora of the Huron Mountain Club. Evansia 18: 51-52. Manierre, W. R. (2001b) Bryum alpinum and Grimmia donniana, New to Michigan. Evansia 18: 60-61. Manierre, W. R. (2002) Bryophytes and Lichens of the Huron Mountain Club, Conclusion. Evansia 19: 131-136. Wetmore, C. M. (1985) Lichens and Air Quality in Isle Royale National Park. Final Report. National Park Service Contract CX 0001-2-0034. 1-40. Wetmore, C. M. (1988) Lichens and Air Quality in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. National Park Service Contract CX 0001-22-0034 and USDI-PX6000-7-0731. 1-25. Wilson, G. C. (1990) Late Archean Structural Evolution and Keweenawan and Cambrian Structure and Sedimentation in the Huron Mountains, Marquette County, Michigan. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Wisconsin-Madison Woods, K. D. (Compiler). (2007). An all-taxa biodiversity inventory of the Huron Mountain Club. Occasional Publications of the Huron Mountain Wildlife Foundation, No. 5. Version: August 2007. APPENDIX MOSSES, LIVERWORTS, & HORNWORTS Phylum BRYOPHYTA Class Sphagnopsida Order Sphagnales Family Sphagnaceae Sphagnum angustifolium Sphagnum capillifolium Sphagnum centrale Sphagnum compactum Sphagnum contortum Sphagnum cuspidatum Sphagnum fallax Sphagnum fimbriatum Sphagnum fuscum Sphagnum girgensohnii Sphagnum lescurii Sphagnum magellanicum Sphagnum magus Sphagnum papillosum Sphagnum pulchrum Sphagnum pulustre Sphagnum quinquefarium Sphagnum recurvum Sphagnum riparium Sphagnum rubellum Sphagnum russowii Sphagnum squarrosum Sphagnum subsecundum Sphagnum tenellum Sphagnum tenerum Sphagnum teres Sphagnum warnstorfii

Page  70 ï~~70 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST Vol. 47 70 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST Vol. 47 Sphagnum wulfianum Class Andreaeopsida Order Andreaeales Family Andreaeaceae Andreaea rothii Andreaea rupestris Andreaea rupestris var. papillosa Class Bryopsida Order Tetraphidales Family Tetraphidaceae Tetraphis pellucida Order Buxbaumiales Family Buxbaumiaceae Buxbaumia aphylla Order Polytrichales Family Polytrichaceae Atrichum angustatum Atrichum undulatum Polytrichastrum alpinum var. alpinum Polytrichum commune var. commune Polytrichum commune var. perigoniale Polytrichumformosum Polytrichum juniperinum Polytrichum piliferum Polytrichum stricturm Order Buxbaumiales Family Diphysciaceae Diphysciumfoliosum Order Encalyptales Family Encalyptaceae Encalypta ciliata Encalypta procera Order Funariales Family Funariaceae Funaria hygrometrica Physcomitrium immersum Family Ephemeraceae Ephemerum spinulosum Order Grimmiales Family Grimmiaceae Dryptodon patens Grimmia affinis Grimmia anodon Grimmia anomala Grimmia donniana Grimmia hermannii Grimmia olneyi Grimmia pilifera Grimmia tenerrima Grimmia teretinervis Grimmia trichophylla Grimmia unicolor Racomitrium aciculare Racomitrium canescens var. canescens Racomitrium ericoides Racomitrium fasciculare Racomitrium heterostichum Racomitrium microcarpon Racomitrium sudeticum Schistidium apocarpum Schistidium rivulare var. rivulare Order Seligeriales Family Seligeriaceae Blindia acuta Seligeria campylopoda Seligeria pusilla Seligeria recurvata Order Dicranales Family Fissidentaceae Fissidens adianthoides Fissidens bryoides Fissidens bryoides "minutulus expression" Fissidens dubius Fissidens osmundioides Fissidens taxifolius Family Dicranaceae Cynodontium schisti Cynodontium strumiferum Cynodontium tenellum Dichodontium pellucidum Dicranella grevilleana Dicranella heteromalla Dicranella varia Dicranoweisia crispula Dicranum condensatum Dicranum flagellare Dicranum fulvum Dicranum fuscescens var. fuscescens Dicranum montanum Dicranum muehlenbeckii Dicranum ontariense Dicranum polysetum Dicranum scoparium Dicranum spurium Dicranum undulatum Dicranum viride Oncophorus virens Oncophorus wahlenbergii Paraleucobryum longifolium Family Bruchiaceae Trematodon ambiguus Family Leucobryaceae Leucobryum glaucum Family Ditrichaceae Ceratodon purpureus var. purpureus Distichium capillaceum var. capillaceum Ditrichum pusillum Saelania glaucescens Family Rhabdoweisiaceae Rhabdoweisia crispata Order Pottiales Family Pottiaceae Bryoerythrophyllum recurvum Didymodon fallax var. fallax Didymodon rigidulus var. rigidulus Gymnostomum aeruginosum Gyroweisia reflexa Gyroweisia tenuis

Page  71 ï~~2008 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST 71 2008 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST 71 Oxystegus tenuirostris Plaubelia springellii Tortella tortuosa Tortula mucronifolia Tortula ruralis Order Splachnales Family Splachnaceae Splachnum ampullaceum Tetraplodon angustatus Order Orthotrichales Family Orthotrichaceae Orthotrichum affine Orthotrichum anomalum Orthotrichum obtusifolium Orthotrichum sordidum Orthotrichum speciosum var. elegans Ulota crispa Ulota hutchinsiae var. rufescens Ulota hutchinsiae var. hutchinsiae Order Hedwigiales Family Hedwigiaceae Hedwigia ciliata Order Bryales Family Aulacomniaceae Aulacomnium androgynum Aulacomnium palustre var. imbricatum Aulacomnium palustre Family Bartramiaceae Bartramia pomiformis Philonotis capillaris Philonotis fontana var. caespitosa Philonotis fontana var. fontana Philonotis fontana var. pumila Family Bryaceae Bryum algovicum var. algovicum Bryum alpinum Bryum argenteum Bryum argenteum var. lanateum Bryum caespiticium Bryum capillare var. capillare Bryumflaccidum Bryum lisae var. cuspidatum Bryum muehlenbeckii Bryum pallens Bryum pallescens Bryum pseudotriquetrum Bryum ruderale Bryum violaceum Pohlia bulbifera Pohlia cruda Pohlia nutans Pohlia proligera Pohlia wahlenbergii Family Mniaceae Cyrtomnium hymenophylloides Mnium ambiguum Mnium marginatum Mnium spinulosum Mnium thomsonii Plagiomnium ciliare Plagiomnium cuspidatum Plagiomnium ellipticum Plagiomnium medium var. medium Plagiomnium rostratum Pseudobryum cinclidioides Rhizomnium appalachianum Rhizomnium magnifolium Rhizomnium pseudopunctatum Rhizomnium punctatum Order Hypnales Family Amblystegiaceae Amblystegium serpens var. juratzkanum Amblystegium serpens var. serpens Amblystegium varium Calliergonella cuspidata Hygroamblystegium luridum Hygroamblystegium fluviatile Hygroamblystegium tenax var. tenax Leptodictyum humile Leptodictyum riparium Family Cratoneuraceae Cratoneuron filicinum Family Helodiaceae Helodium blandowii var. blandowii Family Hylocomiaceae Hylocomiastrum pyrenaicum Hylocomium splendens Pleurozium schreberi Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus Family Leskeaceae Leskea gracilescens Leskea polycarpa Leskeella nervosa Lindbergia brachyptera Pseudoleskeella sibirica Family Pterigynandraceae Heterocladium dimorphum Heterocladium macounii Myurella julacea Myurella sibirica Myurella anomalous form Pterigynandrum filiforme Family Thuidiaceae Abietinella abietina Thuidium delicatulum Thuidium philibertii Thuidium recognitum Family Campyliaceae Calliergon cordifolium Calliergon giganteum Calliergon stramineum Campylium chrysophyllum Campylium hispidulum Campylium polygamum Campylium radicale Campylium stellatum var. stellatum Campylium stellatum var. protensum

Page  72 ï~~72 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST Vol. 47 72 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST Vol. 47 Drepanocladus aduncus var. kneiffii Drepanocladus aduncus var. aduncus Hygrohypnum molle Hygrohypnum ochraceum Limprichtia cossonii Sanionia uncinata var. uncinata Tomentypnum falcifolium Warnstorfia fluitans var. fluitans Family Brachytheciaceae Brachythecium acuminatum Brachythecium oedipodium Brachythecium oxycladon Brachythecium plumosum Brachythecium populeum Brachythecium reflexum var. reflexum Brachythecium rivulare Brachythecium rutabulum Brachythecium salebrosum var. salebrosum Brachythecium turgidum Brachythecium velutinum var. velutinum Bryhnia graminicolor Bryhnia novae-angliae Eurhynchium hians Eurhynchium praelongum Eurhynchium pulchellum var. pulchellum Platyhypnidium riparioides Steerecleus serrulatus Family Fabroniaceae Fabronia ciliaris var. ciliaris Family Plagiotheciaceae Plagiothecium cavifolium Plagiothecium denticulatum Plagiothecium laetum Family Fontinalaceae Dichelyma capillaceum Dichelyma pallescens Fontinalis antipyretica var. antipyretica Fontinalis antipyretica var. gigantea Fontinalis dalecarlica Fontinalis flaccida Fontinalis hypnoides var. duriaei Fontinalis missourica Fontinalis neomexicana Fontinalis novae-angliae var. novaeangliae Fontinalis sullivantii Family Climaciaceae Climacium americanum Climacium dendroides Family Hypnaceae Callicladium haldanianum Ctenidium molluscum Herzogiella turfacea Homomallium adnatum Hypnum cupressiforme var. resupinatum Hypnum curvifolium Hypnum fertile Hypnum lindbergii Hypnum pallescens var. protuberans Hypnum pallescens var. pallescens Hypnum pratense Isopterygiopsis pulchella Platydictya confervoides Platydictya subtilis Platygyrium repens Pseudotaxiphyllum distichaceum Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans Ptilium crista-castrensis Pylaisiella polyantha Pylaisiella selwynii Taxiphyllum deplanatum Family Sematophyllaceae Brotherella recurvans Family Leucodontaceae Leucodon brachypus var. andrewsianus Family Neckeraceae Homalia trichomanoides Neckera pennata Family Anomodontaceae Anomodon tristis Anomodon attenuatus Anomodon minor Anomodon rostratus Anomodon rugelii Phylum MARCHANTIOPHYTA Class Marchantiopsida Order Marchantiales Family Conocephalaceae Conocephalum conicum Family Marchantiaceae Marchantia polymorpha Preissia quadrata Class Jungermanniopsida Order Metzgeriales Family Blasiaceae Blasia pusilla Family Pelliaceae Pellia epiphylla Pellia megaspora Pellia neesiana Family Pallaviciniaceae Moerckia hibernica Pallavicinia lyellii Family Aneuraceae Riccardia multifida var. multifida Family Metzgeriaceae Metzgeria conjugata Metzgeria furcata var. furcata Metzgeriafurcata var. ulvula Order Jungermanniales Family Ptilidiaceae Ptilidium ciliare Ptilidium pulcherrimum Family Trichocoleaceae Trichocolea tomentella Family Pseudolepicoleaceae Blepharostoma trichophyllum subsp. trichophyllum

Page  73 ï~~2008 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST 73 2008 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST 73 Family Geocalycaceae Chiloscyphus pallescens var. pallescens Chiloscyphus pallescens var. fragilis Chiloscyphus polyanthos var. polyanthos Chiloscyphus polyanthos var. rivularis Geocalyx graveolens Lophocolea heterophylla Lophocolea minor Family Plagiochilaceae Plagiochila porelloides Family Calypogeiaceae Calypogeia trichomanis Family Lepidoziaceae Bazzania trilobata var. trilobata Lepidozia reptans Family Cephaloziaceae Cephalozia bicuspidata ssp. Bicuspidata Cephalozia connivens var. connivens Cephalozia loitlesbergeri Cephalozia macounii Cephalozia pleniceps var. pleniceps Odontoschisma denudatum var. denudatum Family Cephaloziellaceae Cephaloziella divaricata var. divaricata Cephaloziella hampeana Cephaloziella rubella Family Jungermanniaceae Anastrophyllum helleranum Anastrophyllum michauxii Anastrophyllum minutum var. minutum Barbilophozia attenuata Barbilophozia barbata Barbilophozia floerkei var. floerkei Barbilophozia hatcheri Barbilophozia kunzeana Barbilophozia lycopodioides Jamesoniella autmnalis var. autumnalis Jungermannia crenuliformis Jungermannia exsertifolia subsp. cordifolia var. cordifolia Jungermannia gracillima Jungermannia leiantha Jungermannia pumila Lophozia incisa var. incisa Lophozia obtusa Lophozia sudetica Lophozia ventricosa var. ventricosa Tritomaria exsectiformis subsp. exsectiformis Tritomaria quinquedentata var. quinquedentata Family Gymnomitriaceae Marsupella emarginata subsp. emarginata Marsupella emarginata subsp. emarginata var. emarginata Family Scapaniaceae Scapania curta var. curta Scapania cuspiduligera var. cuspiduligera Scapania irrigua subsp. irrigua Scapania mucronata subsp. mucronata Scapania nemorosa Scapania subalpina Scapania umbrosa Scapania undulata var. undulata Family Porellaceae Porella pinnata Porella platyphylla Porella platyphylloidea Family Jubulaceae Frullania bolanderi Frullania brittoniae Frullania eboracensis Frullania inflata Frullania oakesiana Frullania selwyniana Frullania tamarisci subsp. asagrayana Family Lejeuneaceae Cololejeunea biddlecomiae Lejeunea cavifolia Lejeunea lamacerina subsp. gemminata Family Radulaceae Radula complanata Radula obconica Phylum ANTHOCEROTOPHYTA Class Anthocerotopsida Order Anthocerotales Family Anthocerotaceae Phaeoceros laevis subsp. laevis LICHENS Phylum ASCOMYCOTA Class Euascomycetes Order Leotiales Family Baeomycetaceae Baeomyces rufus Icmadophila ericetorum Order Ostropales Family Graphidaceae Graphis scripta Family Stictidaceae Conotrema urceolatum Family Thelotremataceae Diploschistes scruposus Thelotrema lepadinum Order Caliciales Family Caliciaceae Calicium parvum Calicium salicinum Cyphelium lucidum Cyphelium tigillare Family Coniocybaceae Chaenotheca chrysocephala Family Mycocaliciaceae Mycocalicium subtile

Page  74 ï~~74 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST Vol. 47 74 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST Vol. 47 Order Lecanorales Family Acarosporaceae Acarospora fuscata Acarospora glaucocarpa Acarospora smaragdula Family Bacidiaceae Bacidia bagliettoana Bacidia schweinitzii Biatora sphaeroides Family Biatoraceae Biatora vernalis Family Candelariaceae Candelaria concolor Candelariafibrosa Candelariella aurella Candelariella efflorescens Candelariella vitellina Candelariella xanthostigma Family Catillariaceae Arthrosporum populorum Family Cladoniaceae Cladina arbuscula Cladina mitis Cladina rangiferina Cladina stellaris Cladonia acuminata Cladonia acuminata var. acuminata Cladonia bacilliformis Cladonia botrytes Cladonia cariosa Cladonia carneola Cladonia cenotea Cladonia cervicornis subsp. verticillata Cladonia chlorophaea Cladonia coccifera Cladonia coniocraea Cladonia conista Cladonia cornuta subsp. cornuta Cladonia crispata var. crispata Cladonia cristatella forma ramosa Cladonia cristatella Cladonia cristatella forma squamosissima Cladonia decorticata Cladonia deformis Cladonia digitata Cladonia ecmocyna subsp. ecmocyna Cladonia farinacea Cladoniafimbriata Cladonia floerkeana Cladonia furcata Cladonia gracilis subsp. gracilis Cladonia grayi Cladonia humilis Cladonia macilenta var. bacillaris Cladonia multiformis Cladonia ochrochlora Cladonia peziziformis Cladonia phyllophora Cladonia pleurota Cladonia pocillum Cladonia polycarpoides Cladonia pyxidata Cladonia ramulosa Cladonia rei Cladonia robbinsii Cladonia scabriuscula Cladonia sobolescens Cladonia squamosa Cladonia sulphurina Cladonia symphycarpa Cladonia turgida Cladonia uncialis Family Collemataceae Collema conglomeratum Collemafurfuraceum Collema polycarpon Collema pulchellum Collema subflaccidum Leptogium burnetiae Leptogium corticola Leptogium cyanescens Leptogium milligranum Leptogium saturninum Family Haematommataceae Loxospora elatina Loxospora pustulata Family Hymeneliaceae Aspicilia caesiocinerea Aspicilia cinerea Family Lecanoraceae Lecanora albella var. rubescens Lecanora allophana Lecanora argopholis Lecanora caesiorubella subsp. caesiorubella Lecanora carpinea Lecanora cateilea Lecanora cenisia Lecanora chlarotera Lecanora chlorophaeodes Lecanora conizaeoides Lecanora crenulata Lecanora dispersa Lecanora glabrata Lecanora impudens Lecanora muralis Lecanora polytropa Lecanora pulicaris Lecanora rugosella Lecanora thysanophora Lecanora varia Lecidella stigmatea Lecanora strobilina Lecanora symmicta Rhizoplaca chrysoleuca Rhizoplaca melanophthalma Rhizoplaca subdiscrepans Scoliciosporum chlorococcum

Page  75 ï~~2008 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST 75 2008 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST 75 Family Lecideaceae Hypocenomyce friesii Hypocenomyce scalaris Lecidea tessellata Family Lobariaceae Lobaria pulmonaria Lobaria quercizans Family Megasporaceae Megaspora verrucosa Family Mycoblastaceae Mycoblastus sanguinarius Family Nephromataceae Nephroma bellum Nephroma helveticum subsp. helveticum Nephroma parile Nephroma resupinatum Family Pannariaceae Fuscopannaria leucophaea Fuscopannaria leucosticta Leproloma membranaceum Leproloma vouauxii Family Parmeliaceae Ahtiana aurescens Allocetraria oakesiana Bryoria capillaris Bryoria furcellata Bryoria trichodes subsp. trichodes Cetraria arenaria Cetrelia chicitae Cetrelia olivetorum Evernia mesomorpha Evernia prunastre Flavoparmelia baltimorensis Flavoparmelia caperata Flavopuncteliaflaventior Flavopunctelia soredica Hypogymnia physodes Hypogymnia tubulosa Hypogymnia vittata Imshaugia aleurites Imshaugia placorodia Melanelia disjuncta Melanelia elegantula Melanelia exasperata Melanelia exasperatula Melaneliafuliginosa Melanelia olivacea Melanelia panniformis Melanelia septentrionalis Melanelia sorediata Melanelia subargentifera Melanelia subaurifera Melanelia subolivacea Myelochroa aurulenta Myelochroa galbina Parmelia saxatilis Parmelia squarrosa Parmelia sulcata Parmeliopsis ambigua Platismatia tuckermanii Pseudevernia consocians Punctelia bolliana Punctelia hypoleucites Punctelia rudecta Punctelia subrudecta Tuckermannopsis americana Tuckermannopsis ciliaris Tuckermannopsis fendleri Tuckermannopsis orbata Tuckermannopsis sepincola Usnea cavernosa Usnea ceratina Usnea hirta Usnea lapponica Usnea longissima Usnea rubicunda Usnea subfloridana Vulpicida pinastri Xanthoparmelia conspersa Xanthoparmelia cumberlandia Xanthoparmelia lineola Xanthoparmelia plittii Xanthoparmelia somloinsis Family Peltigeraceae Peltigera aphthosa Peltigera canina Peltigera degenii Peltigera didactyla Peltigera elisabethae Peltigera evansiana Peltigera lepidophora Peltigera leucophlebia Peltigera malacea Peltigera membranacea Peltigera polydactylon Peltigera praetextata Peltigera rufescens Solorina spongiosa Family Pertusariaceae Ochrolechia arborea Ochrolechia trochophora var. trochophora Pertusaria alpina Pertusaria amara Pertusaria consocians Pertusaria hymenea Pertusaria macounii Pertusaria multipunctoides Pertusaria ophthalmiza Pertusaria rubefacta Pertusaria sommerfeltii Pertusaria trachythallina Pertusaria velata Pertusaria sp. Family Physciaceae Amandinea punctata Anaptychia palmulata Buellia arnoldii Buellia disciformis

Page  76 ï~~76 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST Vol. 47 76 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST Vol. 47 Buellia schaereri Buellia stillingiana Dimelaena oreina Heterodermia hypoleuca Heterodermia speciosa Phaeophyscia adiastola Phaeophyscia cernohorskyi Phaeophyscia erythrocardia Phaeophyscia hirtella Phaeophyscia hispidula Phaeophyscia orbicularis Phaeophyscia pusilloides Phaeophyscia rubropulchra Physcia adscendens Physcia aipolia var. aipolia Physcia caesia Physcia dubia Physcia milligrana Physcia phaea Physcia stellaris Physcia subtilis Physcia tenella Physciella chloantha Physconia detersa Physconia enteroxantha Physconia leucoleiptes Physconia muscigena Physconia perisidiosa Pyxine sorediata Rinodina archaea Rinodina dakotensis Family Placynthiaceae Placynthium nigrum Polychidium muscicola Family Porpidiaceae Mycobilimbia sabuletorum Porpidia crustulata Family Psoraceae Psora globifera Family Ramalinaceae Ramalina americana Ramalina calicaris Ramalina dilacerate Ramalina farinacea Ramalina intermedia Ramalina obtusata Ramalina pollinaria Family Rhizocarpaceae Rhizocarpon disporum Rhizocarpon geminatum Rhizocarpon geographicum Rhizocarpon grande Rhizocarpon lecanorinum Rhizocarpon obscuratum Rhizocarpon sp. Family Stereocaulaceae Stereocaulon condensatum Stereocaulon dactylophyllum Stereocaulon paschale Stereocaulon saxatile Stereocaulon subcoralloides Stereocaulon tomentosum Family Teloschistaceae Caloplaca arenaria Caloplaca cerina Caloplaca cetrina Caloplaca flavorubescens Caloplaca flavovirescens Caloplaca fraudans Caloplaca holocarpa Caloplaca invadens Caloplaca microphyllina Caloplaca oxfordensis Caloplaca saxicola Xanthoria candelaria Xanthoria elegans Xanthoria fallax var. fallax Xanthoria polycarpa Family Trapeliaceae Trapeliopsis flexuosa Trapeliopsis granulosa Family Umbilicariaceae Lasallia papulosa Umbilicaria americana Umbilicaria deusta Umbilicaria hyperborea var. hyperborea Umbilicaria mammulata Umbilicaria muehlenbergii Umbilicaria torrefacta Umbilicaria vellea Umbilicaria virginis Order Arthoniales Family Arthoniaceae Arthonia cytisi Arthonia diffusa Arthonia dispersa Arthonia radiata Family Chrysotrichaceae Chrysothrix candelaris Chrysothrix chlorina Family Roccellaceae Opegrapha varia Order Dothideales Family Monoblastiaceae Acrocordia megalospora Order Verrucariales Family Verrucariaceae Dermatocarpon luridum Dermatocarpon miniatum Dermatocarpon moulinsii Staurothele areolata Staurothele fissa Verrucaria sp. Non-fertile, uncertain position Lepraria caeioalba Lepraria incana Lepraria lobificans Lepraria neglecta