Page  28 ï~~28 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST Vol. 44 BOTANICAL WEBSITES Here are some websites-in no particular order-that may be useful to botanists, both amateurs and professionals. If you have a favorite that is not here, please e-mail me with the URL and an explanation of the site, and I will run further lists when space permits.- The editor This is a fine resource on the flora of Wisconsin, done critically and carefully. The cited specimens are almost entirely those at WIS. There is also a list of the species given for Wisconsin at the USDA site (next below) that apparently do not occur in Wisconsin. This is a listing of vascular plants, with continent-wide range maps, pictures, and other such information. From the large-scale map, one can click on Michigan, for example, and obtain a county-by-county map of a species' range within the state. The International Plant Names Index, the online version of Index Kewensis and the Gray Herbarium Cards. It was originally limited to seed plants, but now includes all the names of ferns and fern-allies as well. The Missouri Botanical Garden has undertaken to scan in a number of rare botanical books. They are freely available to the public, and may be printed off from the website. Otto Kuntze, Revisio Generum Plantarum, is here, if you don't have access to the copy in the MICH herbarium library. This site is an alphabetical listing of 14,500 books in Latin that have been scanned in, mostly as Adobe.pdf files, but in all cases printable. It is really a guide to dozens of other websites, mostly maintained by some of the great libraries of Europe. Nearly all the important botanical rarities of the 18th and 19th centuries are here.