Page  12 ï~~12 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST Vol. 43 ADDITIONS AND CORRECTIONS TO MICHIGAN FLORA, PART III Edward G. Voss University of Michigan Herbarium 3600 Varsity Drive Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108-2287 The first printing (7000 copies) of Michigan Flora, Part III, published in 1996 and covering the families of sympetalous dicots, is nearly exhausted and a second printing is in press so that the work will not go out of print. (Note that the only source of all three volumes is now the co-publisher, the University of Michigan Herbarium.) There has been much recent ferment in circumscription of certain included families (e.g., Ericaceae, Caprifoliaceae) and genera (e.g., Aster), but this is not the place to deal with any consequent changes in nomenclature. However, the new printing will include a page of corrections and additions [598 (preceding the index)]. Persons possessing a copy of the first printing may photocopy the identical information printed below, for insertion into their existing copy. (Similar supplements for Part II were published in The Michigan Botanist 37: 12-13 (1998) and on pp 725-727 in the second printing of that volume; and for Part I some additional species were listed on p. x of the 3rd printing. [Printing may be determined by checking the reverse side of the title page.] NOTE TO THE SECOND PRINTING: CORRIGENDA Omitting self-evident typographical errors and slips in formatting, the following corrections should be made to avoid misleading the reader. (These are not new information, but represent problems at the time of publication.) p. 56, line 11 under P mistassinica: for quinquefolia read quinqueflora p. 192, line 6: for "Lamarck" read "Dunal" p. 262, line 7 of key: measurement should be 12 mm (not 12 cm) p. 296: first word of first lead of couplet 6 should be Corolla p. 309, line 2 above References: V alnifolium Marshall and V lantanoides Michaux should be reversed p. 377, line 2 of couplet 16 should lead to couplet 3 (not 2) p. 413, figure in line 2 of second lead in key should be 1 cm (not 1 mm) p. 486, 2nd Semple reference: date should be 1987 p. 491, line 5 under A. furcatus: for "Washtenaw" read "Monroe" pp. 514, 515, & Index: generic name should be spelled Onopordum p. 536, line 2 under L. squarrosa: add "and Rochester" after "Detroit" p. 611: page for Lindernia should be 236 (not 326) p. 614: page for Oregano should be 162 (not 161)

Page  13 ï~~2004 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST 13 NOTE TO THE SECOND PRINTING: ADDENDA Updating of the distribution maps is not feasible at this time, but listed below are species in families covered by this volume which have been documented (at least in the herbaria consulted) as occurring outside of cultivation in Michigan. Species marked with an asterisk are not indigenous (or only questionably so) in this state. Recorded counties are in brackets. Syringa xhenryi* [Schoolcraft] Phlox latifolia [Lenawee] Lamiastrum galeobdolon* [Emmet, Washtenaw] Rhinanthus minor* [Houghton] Campanula latifolia [Gogebic] Arnica lonchophylla [Keweenaw (I. Royale)] Carthamus tinctorius* [Mecosta] Taraxacum palustre* [Chippewa (Drummond I.), St. Clair] It may be of interest to note, in passing, that the discoverers of these eight additions to the state flora include 10 different people, most of whom are not professional botanists. Furthermore, the last species discovered in Part III (and barely mentioned: footnote on p. 378) would add an 11th person to those responsible for the nine most recent discoveries in Michigan's sympetalous families: Fred Case, Allison Cusick, Steve Garske, Don Henson, Peter Hyypio, Will MacKinnon, Steve Ross, Bob Smith, Ed Voss, Bev Walters, and Ellen Weatherbee.