Page  50 ï~~50 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST Vol. 42 ANNOUNCEMENT The University of Michigan Press has announced that a new edition of the 1981 standard reference will shortly appear: Burton V. Barnes & Warren H. Wagner, Jr.t Michigan Trees, Revised and Updated: A Guide to the Trees of the Great Lakes Region, 6 x 9", ca 400 pp.; 125 drawings, 7 tables, 3 maps Cloth, ISBN 0-472-11352-6, $37.50; Paperback, ISBN 0-472-08921-8, $19.95 Publication date: September 2003 Several species have been added, as well as sections on tree ecology and fall color. Written and illustrated in a style that appeals to academic botanists and armchair dendrophiles alike, Michigan Trees has long been an indispensable reference, and all botanists in the Great Lakes area will look forward to a revised and updated version. When it appears, it may be ordered directly from the University of Michigan Press website, They accept MasterCard and Visa. Telephone orders (with credit card in hand) at 800. 621. 2736.