/ New Lichen Records from Michigan and Other Changes Affecting Michigan Species
ï~~2002 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST 87 NOMENCLATURAL CHANGES The name under which the taxon appeared in the published Checklist (Fryday et al 2001) is given as a synonym. This is followed by a reference to the publication in which the new combination was made. Amandinea polyspora (Willey) E. Lay & P. May syn. Buellia polyspora (Sheard & May 1997). Amandinea turgescens (Nyl.) Marbach syn. Buellia turgescens (Marbach 2000). Chrismofulvea dialyta (Nyl.) Marbach syn. Buellia dialyta (Marbach 2000). Cladonia arbuscula (Wallr.) Flotow syn. Cladina arbuscula (Ahti & DePriest 2001). Cladonia mitis Sandst. syn. Cladina mitis (Ahti & DePriest 2001). Cladonia rangiferina (L.) F. H. Wigg. syn. Cladina rangiferina (Ahti & DePriest 2001). Cladonia stellaris (Opiz) Pouzar & Vezda syn. Cladina stellaris (Ahti & DePriest 2001). Cladonia stygia (Fr.) Ruoss syn. Cladina stygia (Ahti & DePriest 2001). Hafellia arnoldii (Servft) Hafellner & Turk syn. Buellia arnoldii (Hafellner & Turk 2001) Hafellia disciformis (Fr.) Marbach & H. Mayrhofer syn. Buellia disciformis (Marbach 2000). Lecidea albohyalina (Nyl.) Th. Fr. syn. Biatora albohyalina (Printzen & Tensberg 1999). Mycobilimbia epixanthoides (Nyl.) Vitik., Ahti, Kuusinen, Lommi & T. Ulvinen syn. Biatora epixanthoides (Hafellner & Turk 2001) Mycobilimbia pilularis (Korber) Hafellner & Turk syn. Biatora sphaeroides (Hafellner & Turk 2001) Mycobilimbia tetramera (De Not.) Vitik., Ahti, Kuusinen, Lommi & T. Ulvinen syn. Biatora tetramera (Hafellner & Turk 2001) Protopannaria pezizoides (Weber) P. M. Jorg. syn. Pannaria pezizoides (Jorgensen 2000). Rhizocarpon reductum Th. Fr. syn. R. obscuratum auct (Fryday 2000). LITERATURE CITED Ahti, T., & P. T. DePriest, 2001. New combinations of Cladina epithets in Cladonia (Ascomycotina: Cladoniaceae). Mycotaxon 77: 499-502. Coppins, B. J., & P. F. May. 2001. Micarea neostipitata, a new species with pale stipitate pycnidia from eastern North America. Lichenologist 33: 487-490. Fryday, A. M. 2000. On Rhizocarpon obscuratum (Ach.) Massal, with notes on some related species in the British Isles. Lichenologist 32: 207-224. Fryday, A. M. 2001. Additions to the lichen flora of North America-Agonimia allobata and Aspicilia grisea. Evansia 18: 87-89. Fryday, A. M., J. B. Fair, M. S. Googe, A. J. Johnson, E. A. Bunting, & L. A. Prather. 2001. Check
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