Page  85 ï~~2002 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST 85 NEW LICHEN RECORDS FROM MICHIGAN AND OTHER CHANGES AFFECTING MICHIGAN SPECIES Alan M. Fryday Herbarium Department of Plant Biology Michigan State University East Lansing, MI 48824-1312 Since the publication of the Checklist of lichens and allied fungi from Michigan (Fryday et al. 2001), a number of additional records and other changes have come to my attention. These are presented below. With these additional records, the total number of taxa recorded from Michigan now totals 792 lichens and 42 lichenicolous fungi. All specimens are in MSC unless otherwise stated. The lichenicolous fungi are preceded by an asterisk. NEW RECORDS FOR MICHIGAN Agonimia allobata (Stizenb.) P. James Emmet Co., Wilderness State Park, August 2000, Fryday 8025. This is the first record from North America. (Fryday 2001). Arthonia vinosa Leighton Washtenaw Co., on old wood, The specimen in MICH provisionally determined as A. helvola is better placed here as the ascospores are mostly (1-)2 septate with only a few 3-septate. Arthopyrenia cinereopruinosa (Schaerer) A. Massal. Keweenaw Co., Isle Royale National Park. A specimen in MICH annotated "like A. lapponica, but smaller in all respects" is referable to this species. Aspicilia grisea Arnold Alger Co., Deerton, Laughing Whitefish Point, Lowe 2475 (MICH). This is the first record from North America. (Fryday 2001). Caloplaca ahtii Sochting Dickinson Co., road into O'Neil Lake campground, September 1971, Harris 7388. Ingham Co., Bear Lake, April 1974, Harris 8666. Twelve collections of Caloplaca holocarpa in MSC (from three counties in the Upper Peninsula, and nine in the lower) have been re-determined as this species by Dr. U. Sochting (Copenhagen). A further seven collections (from four counties, all in the Upper Peninsula) were annotated "C. cf. ahtii, could be C. borealis." Caloplaca xanthostigmoidea (Rasanen) Zahlbr. Charlevoix Co., Beaver Island, August 1961, Imshaug 27785. Chippewa Co., Lower Tahquamenon Falls, August 1957, Imshaug 19905. These two collections (previously included in C. discolor) have been re-determined as this species by Dr. C. Wetmore (Minnesota). *Carbonea supersparsa (Nyl.) Hertel Keweenaw Co., Isle Royale National Park, 1957, Wetmore 567-A. Lichenicolous on Lecanora polytropa. Determined by Paul Diederich (Luxembourg).

Page  86 ï~~86 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST Vol. 41 *Dactylospora deminuta (Th. Fr.) Triebel Keweenaw Co, Isle Royale National Park, N. of Conglomerate Bay, on ridge around ledges in mixed forest of birch, aspen, spruce and balsam fir (on Biatora vernalis), 25 July 1983, Wetmore 49477 (ASU). (Triebel et al. 1991). Fuscopannaria confusa (P. M. Jorg.) P. M. Jorg. Dickinson Co., near O'Neill Lake Campground, Harris 7502 (MICH). (Jorgensen 2000). Immersaria athroocarpa (Ach.) Rambold & Pietschmann Keweenaw Co., Isle Royale National Park, Heron Island in Rock Harbor outside of Tookers Island, 48009'N 88029'W, 26 July 1983, Wetmore 49547 (M). (Hertel 2001). Micarea neostipitata Coppins & May Crawford Co., Grayling, Hartwick Pines State Park, on base of Pinus resinosa, August 2000. A. J. Johnson sn. (Coppins & May 2001). *Phacopsis oxyspora (Tul.) Triebel & Rambold Roscommon Co., 1959, Imshaug 25458. Lichenicolous on Punctelia rudecta. Determined by Paul Diederich (Luxembourg). Porpidia contraponenda (Arnold) Knoph & Hertel Porpidia diversa (Lowe) Gowan (known in Michigan from only Keweenaw Co., Isle Royale National Park) is now considered a synonym of this species (Fryday in press). Rhizocarpon timdalii Ihlen & Fryday Keweenaw Co., Isle Royal National Park, south side, of Maskey Bay, c. 0.4 miles north of Wallace Lake, 1991, D. Ladd 15544. (Ihlen & Fryday 2002). Sclerophora pallida (Pers.) Y.J. Yao & Spooner (syn. S. nivea (Hoffm.) Tibell (1984). (Yao & Spooner 1999)) Cheboygan Co., on bark of deciduous trees. Inadvertently omitted from Fryday et al. (2001). Harris (1977) reports this species, as Coniocybe pallida (Pers.) Fr., with no further collection details. *Tremella cetrariicola Diederich & Coppins Keweenaw Co., Isle Royale National Park, 1959, Wetmore 5207. Lichenicolous on Tuckermannopsis ciliaris. Determined by Paul Diederich (Luxembourg). Verrucaria macrostoma Dufour ex DC. Ingham Co., MSU campus, Baker Woodlot, on cement structure in ditch, April 1974, Harris 8657. Previously mis-identified as Endocarpon pusillum. The specimen is sorediate, which has been called Verrucaria macrostoma f. furfuracea B. de Lesd. DELETIONS FROM THE PUBLISHED LIST Parmeliella rubiginosa (Ach.) Bory Peltigera collina (Ach.) Schrader The single Michigan records of these two species (Keweenaw Co., Isle Royale National Park) are those reported by Hendrick & Lowe (1936). Wetmore (1985) considers that they are probably misidentifications and, as no supporting specimens could be traced, they should be removed from the Michigan list. Porpidia calcarea Gowan Synonym of Porpidia superba (Korber) Hertel & Knoph (Fryday in press). Porpidia diversa (Lowe) Gowan Synonym of Porpidia contraponenda (Arnold) Knoph & Hertel (Fryday in press). Porpidia herteliana Gowan Synonym of Porpidia cinereoatra (Ach.) Hertel & Knoph (Fryday in press).

Page  87 ï~~2002 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST 87 NOMENCLATURAL CHANGES The name under which the taxon appeared in the published Checklist (Fryday et al 2001) is given as a synonym. This is followed by a reference to the publication in which the new combination was made. Amandinea polyspora (Willey) E. Lay & P. May syn. Buellia polyspora (Sheard & May 1997). Amandinea turgescens (Nyl.) Marbach syn. Buellia turgescens (Marbach 2000). Chrismofulvea dialyta (Nyl.) Marbach syn. Buellia dialyta (Marbach 2000). Cladonia arbuscula (Wallr.) Flotow syn. Cladina arbuscula (Ahti & DePriest 2001). Cladonia mitis Sandst. syn. Cladina mitis (Ahti & DePriest 2001). Cladonia rangiferina (L.) F. H. Wigg. syn. Cladina rangiferina (Ahti & DePriest 2001). Cladonia stellaris (Opiz) Pouzar & Vezda syn. Cladina stellaris (Ahti & DePriest 2001). Cladonia stygia (Fr.) Ruoss syn. Cladina stygia (Ahti & DePriest 2001). Hafellia arnoldii (Servft) Hafellner & Turk syn. Buellia arnoldii (Hafellner & Turk 2001) Hafellia disciformis (Fr.) Marbach & H. Mayrhofer syn. Buellia disciformis (Marbach 2000). Lecidea albohyalina (Nyl.) Th. Fr. syn. Biatora albohyalina (Printzen & Tensberg 1999). Mycobilimbia epixanthoides (Nyl.) Vitik., Ahti, Kuusinen, Lommi & T. Ulvinen syn. Biatora epixanthoides (Hafellner & Turk 2001) Mycobilimbia pilularis (Korber) Hafellner & Turk syn. Biatora sphaeroides (Hafellner & Turk 2001) Mycobilimbia tetramera (De Not.) Vitik., Ahti, Kuusinen, Lommi & T. Ulvinen syn. Biatora tetramera (Hafellner & Turk 2001) Protopannaria pezizoides (Weber) P. M. Jorg. syn. Pannaria pezizoides (Jorgensen 2000). Rhizocarpon reductum Th. Fr. syn. R. obscuratum auct (Fryday 2000). LITERATURE CITED Ahti, T., & P. T. DePriest, 2001. New combinations of Cladina epithets in Cladonia (Ascomycotina: Cladoniaceae). Mycotaxon 77: 499-502. Coppins, B. J., & P. F. May. 2001. Micarea neostipitata, a new species with pale stipitate pycnidia from eastern North America. Lichenologist 33: 487-490. Fryday, A. M. 2000. On Rhizocarpon obscuratum (Ach.) Massal, with notes on some related species in the British Isles. Lichenologist 32: 207-224. Fryday, A. M. 2001. Additions to the lichen flora of North America-Agonimia allobata and Aspicilia grisea. Evansia 18: 87-89. Fryday, A. M., J. B. Fair, M. S. Googe, A. J. Johnson, E. A. Bunting, & L. A. Prather. 2001. Check

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