Page  46 ï~~46 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST Vol. 41 NOTEWORTHY COLLECTION MICHIGAN Juncus ensifolius Wikstr. (Juncaceae). Iris-leaved or Three-stamened Rush. Previous knowledge. In North America, this species ranges from Alaska to Saskatchewan south to California and Mexico, with disjunct populations in Wisconsin, New York, Ontario, and Quebec (Clemants 2000). Judziewicz & Nekola (1997) note that Hugh Iltis found the first Midwest occurrence in Ashland County, Wisconsin, in 1971. They also state that this rush, growing in roadside ditches, is not native to Wisconsin, but is introduced from western North America. Juncus ensifolius, which is native in Montana, has a "potential for weediness" in that state and elsewhere ( -mlavin/herb/ripweed.htm; accessed 2/13/01). In New York, J. ensifolius, in addition to growing along the Delaware River, occurs in a roadside ditch (New York Natural Heritage Program element tracking record, 2001). Although this species is considered native in New York and designated state-endangered, Clemants notes that it is "probably introduced" in that state. At present, J. ensifolius has no conservation status in Michigan. This species is also known as Juncus xiphioides E. Meyer var. triandrus Engelm., but according to Clemants (2000), "until a study of the complete subgenus is done, we [that is, Steven E. Clemants and his co-author for the entire treatment of the Juncaceae, Ralph E. Brooks] are hesitant to use a varietal name (J. xiphioides var. triandrus) for the widespread western taxon J. ensifolius." Significance. These collections document the occurrence of Juncus ensifolius in Michigan. No collections had been made before Voss' (1972) Flora of Michigan. Diagnostic characters. Juncus ensifolius is the only species in the genus Juncus in eastern North America having leaves that are equitant (i.e., with the margins of the blade connate to form an edge facing the stem, like an iris). ONTONAGON CO.: in gravel pit, in Ottawa National Forest, Forest Road 655-C, T50N R40W Sec. 25, 28 June 1993, Hoefferle 124. (Specimen found August 2001 in Ottawa National Forest Herbarium, mis-identified.) Associates include Juncus effusus L., J. brevicaudatus (Engelm.) Fern., Carex stipata Muhl. ONTONAGON CO.: alongside sandy road on edge of adjacent open wetland with graminoids and exotics, Ottawa National Forest, Forest Road 1700, T50N R37W Sec. 22/27 section line, E %, 8 August 2000, Trull 385 (MICH,! A.A. Reznicek). Abundant, scattered pockets on both sides of the road and back into natural wetland, but not in standing water. Associates include Carex crinita Lam., C. stipata Muhl., Calamagrostis canadensis(Michx.) P. Beauv., Equisetum fluviatile L., Scirpus atrovirens Willd., Juncus effusus L., Rubus idaeus L., Alnus incana (L.) Moench, Onoclea sensibilis L., Ranunculus recurvatus Poiret, Phleum pratense L., Dactylis glomerata L., Chrysanthemum leucanthemum L., Melilotus alba

Page  47 ï~~2002 THE MICHIGAN BOTANIST 47 Medikus, Trifolium spp., Lotus corniculatus L., Achillea millefolium L., Plantago lanceolata L. SCHOOLCRAFT CO.: edge of trail at base of steep south-facing slope with 1-2 m high Fagus grandifolia Ehrh. saplings, Hiawatha National Forest, Big Island Lake Wilderness, T44N R18W, 14 August 2000, Marr 2830 (MICH,!A.A. Reznicek). About 200 plants in a 4 x 9 m colony at the edge of an Acer saccharum /Fagus grandifolia forest and sedge-dominated wetland opening. Associates include Equisetum sylvaticum L., Geum sp., Impatiens capensis Meerb., Lycopus uniflorus Michx., Plantago sp., and Solidago gigantea Aiton. LITERATURE CITED Clemants, S. E. 2000. In Flora of North America 22: 233-236. Flora of North America Editorial Committee. Oxford University Press. xxiii + 352 pp. Judziewicz, E.J., & J.C. Nekola. 1997. Recent Wisconsin records for some interesting vascular plants in the western Great Lakes region. Michigan Botanist 36: 91-118. Voss, E.G. 1972. Michigan Flora Part I. Gymnosperms and Monocots. Cranbrook Institute of Science Bulletin No. 55 & University of Michigan Herbarium. 488 pp. JANET KEENEY MARR 23180 Highway Location Road Calumet, Michigan 49913 USA and SUSAN J. TRULL Ottawa National Forest E6248 US2 Ironwood, MI 49938 USA