A London Provisioner's Chronicle

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Machyn's diary : a transcript from the MS. in the Cottonian Liby., Vitellius F. v., [ca. 1838].

In 2005, Richard Bailey purchased a transcript of the manuscript made by (or on behalf of) Sir Harris Nicolas (1799-1848), an antiquarian and historian. The authority for that attribution is John Gough Nichols, who claims, in a prefatory note bound with the manuscript, that he did not use it in preparing his edition: "This Transcript ... is not that from which I edited the Book, but one which had been previously made,—I believe for Sir Harris Nicholas [ sic ]. It is only of use as it may possibly suggest an occasional amended reading of a very obscure and unintelligible manuscript."

It appears that the transcript was prepared after the much-damaged original was stabilized, organized into historical order, and made available at the British Library. The 345 pages of the transcript are written on the recto sides of writing paper that came from Alton Mill in 1837. A bookplate behind the cover of the bound transcript records the provenance of Joan Kersey Corder, (b. 1921), a portion of whose library was offered for sale in early 2005 by Claude Cox, a dealer in fine books in Ipswich. This transcript is now in Special Collections in Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and this facsimile was made by the University Library's Digital Conversion Services.

The Diary of Henry Machyn, citizen and merchant-taylor of London, from A.D. 1550 to A.D. 1563 / edited by John Gough Nichols.

The British History Online interface for the Camden Society's 19th-century edition of Machyn's text, edited by John Gough Nichols. This edition is interesting as an example of early 19th-century scholarship. This edition is also available through the Internet Archive and through Google Books.