About Die Bibel, Martin Luther trans.

For scholarly, non-commercial use only.

This version of the Luther translation of the Bible is derived from the edition published by the Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft (© 1984), and is provided with their kind permission. It was initially prepared by Jeffery Triggs of the OED's North American Reading Program and was subsequently converted to conform to the TEI DTD by the University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative.

Testaments bear IDs in the form A and N (i.e., Alt and Neu). Books bear IDs in the form A1 and N1. Chapters bear IDs in the form A1.1 and N1.1. Verses use the TEI element <S>, and bear number attributes (i.e., N=) in the form A1.1.1 and N1.1.1. Paragraphs have been nominally declared at the beginning of each chapter.

Some notes are encoded, but many are declared only symbolically with asterisks. Characters with diacritics are encoded using ISO Latin entity references (e.g., &auml;) and can be searched by typing the full character name, along with the ampersand and semi-colon.

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