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Hanaford, Phebe A. (Phebe Ann), 1829-1921. / [1866] Abraham Lincoln: his life and public services. By Mrs. P. A. Hanaford.
Keckley, Elizabeth, ca. 1818-1907. / [1868] Behind the scenes.: By Elizabeth Keckley. Or, Thirty years a slave, and four years in the White House.
Angle, Paul M. (Paul McClelland), 1900-1975. / [1935] "Here I have lived"; a history of Lincoln's Springfield, 1821-1865, by Paul M. Angle.
Catton, Bruce / [1970] Inescapable challenge Lincoln left us
Raymond, Henry J. (Henry Jarvis), 1820-1869. / [1865] The life and public services of Abraham Lincoln ... together with his state papers, including his speeches, addresses, messages, letters, and proclamations, and the closing scenes connected with his life and death. By Henry J. Raymond. To which are added anecdotes and personal reminiscences of President Lincoln, by Frank B. Carpenter.
[1860] The life and public services of Hon. Abraham Lincoln, of Illinois, and Hon. Hannibal Hamlin, of Maine.
Bartlett, D. W. (David W.), 1828-1912. / [1860] The life and public services of Hon. Abraham Lincoln, with a portrait on steel. To which is added a biographical sketch of Hon. Hannibal Hamlin. By D. W. Bartlett.
Holland, J. G. (Josiah Gilbert), 1819-1881. / [1866] Life of Abraham Lincoln, by J. G. Holland.
Barrett, Joseph Hartwell, 1824-1910. / [1865] Life of Abraham Lincoln, presenting his early history, political career, and speeches in and out of Congress; also, a general view of his policy as president of the United States; with his messages, proclamations, letters, etc., and a history of his eventful administration, and of the scenes attendant upon his tragic and lamented demise. By Joseph H. Barrett.
Crosby, Frank. / [1865] Life of Abraham Lincoln, sixteenth president of the United States. Containing his early history and political career; together with the speeches, messages, proclamations and other official documents illustrative of his eventful administration. By Frank Crosby.
Lamon, Ward Hill, 1828-1893. / [1872] The life of Abraham Lincoln; from his birth to his inauguration as president. By Ward H. Lamon.
Thomas, Benjamin Platt, 1902-1956. / [1934] Lincoln's New Salem, by Benjamin P. Thomas; drawings by Romaine Proctor from photographs by the Herbert Georg studio, Springfield.
Baringer, William Eldon, 1909- / [1949] Lincoln's Vandalia, a pioneer portrait; illus. by Romaine Proctor.
[1860] Lives and speeches of Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin.
Stone, Irving / [1973] Mary Todd Lincoln, a final judgement?
Hatfield, Mark / [1985] Oregon Connection of Abraham Lincoln
Pratt, Harry E. / [1943] Personal Finances of Abraham Lincoln
Thayer, William Makepeace, 1820-1898. / [1864] The pioneer boy, and how he became president. By William M. Thayer.
Basler, Roy P / [1977] President Lincoln helps his old friends
[1909] Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln by distinguished men of his time / collected and edited by Allen Thorndike Rice.
Carpenter, F. B. (Francis Bicknell), 1830-1900. / [1866] Six months at the White House with Abraham Lincoln. The story of a picture. By F. B. Carpenter.
Trueblood, Elton / [1974] Spiritual pilgrimage of Abraham Lincoln
Williams, T. Harry / [1972] Two war leaders: Lincoln and Davis
Hyman, Harold Melvin / [1978] With malice toward some scholarship (or something less) on the Lincoln murder