16. Sangamon County Deed Book F, 471. Original mortgage of Greene to Radford is in Ill. State Hist. Lib., Springfield, Ill.; Benjamin P. Thomas, Lincoln's New Salem (Springfield, Ill., 1934), 70.

When Wm. G. Greene arrived at home on the night of the transaction and announced to his father that he had become a merchant, his father replied: "So, Billy, you are a merchant are ye? You git along to bed now and in the morning I will thrash the merchant out of you mighty quick." Young Greene quickly poured his $265 in cash on the floor in front of the fireplace where his father could see it, at the same time adding: "Pap, I was a merchant but I've sold out and cleared this." Whereupon Green, Sr., reached over and awaking his wife said: "Liz, git up and git Billy a fust rate supper. He's had a hard day of it." Reep, New Salem, 47.

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