Personal Finances of Abraham Lincoln
Pratt, Harry E.


Auditor's Records. Warrant ledgers and receipt books in the office of Auditor of Public Ac|counts, Springfield, Ill. Some of the pay rolls and all of Lincoln's legislative salary war|rants are on file.

Corneau & Diller Drug Store, Springfield, Ill. Two volumes of the Day Books, 1855-1861, containing purchases made by the Lincolns are in the Illinois State Historical Library.

County Commissioners' Record of Sangamon County, Ill. Volumes A, B, and C are in the Illinois State Historical Library. Volumes D and E and the files are in the office of the County Clerk, Springfield, Ill.

Davis manuscripts. Private memoranda of Justice David Davis of the administration of the estate of President Lincoln, and of the guardianship of Thomas (Tad) Lincoln. Original manuscripts now owned by the heirs of Justice Davis, Bloomington, Ill.

Fee Book of Stuart & Lincoln. This book covering 1837-1840, is owned by Mrs. Edna Orendorff Macpherson, Springfield, Ill.

Fee Book of Lincoln & Herndon. This book covering 1845-1847, is in the Illinois State His|torical Library.

General Accounting Office files, Washington, D. C. The Executive Mansion bills of Lincoln's administration are on file.

Herndon manuscripts. Three large copy books of material collected by Wm. H. Herndon. These volumes, with some unbound letters, now in the Henry E. Huntington Library, San Marino, Cal., were sold to Ward H. Lamon in 1869.

Irwin, Robert, & Co., Account Book and Letter Book, 1839-1849. These volumes are in the Springfield Marine Bank. A typed copy of the Letter Book is in the files of the Abraham Lincoln Association, Springfield, Ill.

Lincoln. Administration papers of the estate of Abraham, Mary and Thomas Lincoln are in the Illinois State Historical Library.

Moore Copy Book, Vol. 12. This is one of ninety-two copy books of correspondence, kept by Clifton H. Moore, and now owned by the Moore-Warner estate, Clinton, Ill.

Photo. A photostatic copy in the files of the Abraham Lincoln Association, Springfield, Ill. Smith, Clark M. & S., Ledger for 1858, and Day Book for 1859, containing Lincoln's account are owned by B. H. Luers Sons shoe store, Springfield, Ill.

Trumbull manuscripts. Correspondence of Lyman Trumbull in the Library of Congress. United States Treasury income tax records of the refund to the Lincoln estate. Williams, John, & Co., Invoice Book and Day Books. The pages giving Offut's account have been cut out, leaving only a marginal notation. These volumes are in the Illinois State Historical Library.