Lincoln's New Salem, by Benjamin P. Thomas; drawings by Romaine Proctor from photographs by the Herbert Georg studio, Springfield.
Thomas, Benjamin Platt, 1902-1956.
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THIS book is published by the Abraham Lincoln Association. This Association, originally known as the Lincoln Centennial Association, was or|ganized in 1909. Its purposes are: "To observe each anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln; to pre|serve and make more readily accessible the landmarks associated with his life; and actively to encourage, pro|mote and aid the collection and dissemination of au|thentic information regarding all phases of his life and career."

The regular publications of the Association are The Abraham Lincoln Association Papers and the Bulletin.

The Papers have been issued annually beginning in 1924. They contain the addresses delivered under the Association's auspices at Springfield on successive Lin|coln birthday anniversaries by Andrew C. McLaugh|lin, Henry A. Converse, A. L. Bowen, John H. Finley, Paul M. Angle, Michael Pupin, William E. Dodd, Arthur C. Cole, Mary E. Humphrey, Claude G. Bowers, John C. O'Laughlin, Allan Nevins, Carl Sandburg, Henry Horner, John Maxey Zane, Louis A. Warren, Joseph Fort Newton and Benjamin P. Thomas.

The Bulletin is published quarterly, and contains articles on various phases of Lincoln's life, discussions of the authenticity of Lincoln documents, book re|views, etc.

From time to time the Association issues additional publications. In 1930, New Letters and Papers of Lin|coln, a four hundred page compilation, edited by Paul M. Angle, was published. In 1933 was issued Paul M. Angle's Lincoln: 1854-1861, Being the Day-by-Day Activities of Abraham Lincoln from January 1, 1854 to March 4, 1861. This book is the Association's third special publication.

The Association is a not-for-profit corporation. It has a small endowment, but is supported principally by the dues of its Sustaining Members. Dues are ten dollars annually for individuals, five dollars annually for libraries. Members receive all publications issued during the period of their membership without addi|tional charge. Anyone desiring to become a member or wishing further information about the Association or its work may communicate with Benjamin P. Thomas, Executive Secretary, 716 First National Bank Building, Springfield, Illinois.