Lincoln's Vandalia, a pioneer portrait; illus. by Romaine Proctor.
Baringer, William Eldon, 1909-
Page  137


This book, the first sustained study of the early Illinois capi|tal and of Lincoln's primary adventures in elective office, owes its existence to many persons in addition to the author. Every historical writer incurs a great many obligations. The way was paved for the book by the members, directors, and officers of The Abraham Lincoln Association. Eight persons read the manuscript and made extremely valuable suggestions: George W. Bunn, Jr., Paul M. Angle, Benjamin P. Thomas, Roy P. Basler, and Mary E. Humphrey, officers of The Abraham Lincoln Association; Marion Dolores Bonzi, of the Associa|tion; Margaret A. Flint, of the Illinois State Historical Li|brary; and Earl Schenck Miers, director of Rutgers University Press. Aid of a special sort was rendered by Dr. Harry E. Pratt, former Executive Secretary of the Association, who planned the book and began the research. Over a period of seven years Dr. Pratt assembled evidence and information which materially shortened the research task. To all these, as well as to libraries and other public institutions which helped, the author expresses his gratitude.

W. E. B.