[1]   ALS, DNA WR RG 107, Presidential Telegrams, I, 221. Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin J. Spaulding, Thirty-seventh Kentucky Volunteer Mounted Infantry, had telegraphed Lincoln on November 3: ``Vance Mason Co C thirty seventh Ky Vols mounted Infy on the charge of desertion is condemned to be shot on the sixth of this month. I pray you that you reprieve him or grant a respite until I can bring the matter before you in form There are mitigatory circumstances about his case which I am sure will recommend him to your clemency'' (DLC-RTL).

General Burbridge replied on the same day: ``Your dispatch recd. Generals Orders from . . . Dept of the Ohio direct the execution of five soliders for desertion at Louisville on Sunday next. Vance Mason is one of the number I am charged with the execution of the orders & have asked that the sentences may not be carried out on Sunday but could obtain no change of the order.'' (Ibid.).

See further Lincoln's telegram to Burbridge, November 4, infra.

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