[1]   AES, THaroL. Lincoln's endorsement is written on a letter from Major John. I. Yellott, First Potomac Home Brigade, Maryland Infantry, who was provost marshal at Frederick, Maryland, October 27, 1864:

``About the 20th. day of July 1864, I received an order from Maj Genl. Hunter then commander Department of West Virginia requiring me to send South of the Lines of the Military Forces of the United States all secessionists & their families resident in Frederick City, Md. A number of occurrences combined delayed the full execution of this order during which delay its execution was suspended by order of the President of the United States.

``Before the order of suspension reached me one or two families had been sent South and among them the family of John W Baughman consisting of Mrs Baughman & three children.

``Mrs Baughman with her family are now in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia alone, entirely isolated from her friends the order sending other families South never having gone into effect.

``I think if consistent with the Policy & opinions of the Government permission granted on the part of the same for this family to return, would be regarded by the loyal community of Frederick as but an act of Justice & humanity.''

No reply from Thomas H. Hicks or Francis S. Corkran has been found.

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