[1]   Parke-Bernet Catalog 905, December 1-2, 1947, No. 278. According to the catalog description the text is from an autograph letter signed. The Treasury regulations referred to were those approved by Lincoln on July 30, supra. On September 6, 1864, Leonard Swett and others wrote:Page  8

``We . . . hereby recommend William W. Orme of Bloomington Illinois as a suitable man to be appointed an agent of the Government to get out cotton for the United States.

``We know him to be a man of strict integrity and honor.

``We would recommend that he be stationed at or near Vicksburgh Miss. . . .'' (DLC-RTL).

Orme is listed in the U.S. Official Register, 1865, as ``Supervising Special Agent'' of the Treasury, at Memphis, Tennessee.

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