[1]   AES, IHi. Lincoln's endorsement appears on a letter of Edwin A. Davis of Indianapolis to Judge James Hughes, October 14, 1864, asking attention to an enclosed letter of Andrew Humphreys to Stanton: ``Humphreys has an idea that you would give the matter personal attention as a favor to him.'' Humphreys' letter is not present but probably referred to his arrest and trial by a military commission at Indianapolis in September, 1864, on charges of disloyalty and conspiracy against the government. Found guilty and sentenced to confinement at hard labor during the war, Humphreys' sentence was remitted by General Alvin P. Hovey: `` . . . as the evidence does not show that . . . Andrew Humphreys took any active part or committed any overt acts which were calculated to incite an insurrection or aid the conspiracy . . .'' (Headquarters District of Indiana, January 2, 1865, General Orders No. 1, OR, II, VIII, 11). See further Lincoln's telegram to Hooker, January 11, 1865, infra.

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