[1]   ALS IHi. Stanton telegraphed Lincoln on March 27:

``Every thing goes on smoothly here. We have no news from any quarter except what comes from Gen Grant. I send you a copy of the official order [General Orders No. 50] in relation to fort Sumter

`` `Ordered first. That at the hour of noon on the 14th day of April 1865 Brevet Maj Gen [Robert] Anderson will raise & plant upon the ruins of Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor the same United States flag which floated over the Battlements of that fort during the rebel assault & which was lowered & saluted by him and the small force of his command, when the works were evacuated on the 14th day of April 1861. Second. That the flag when raised be saluted by one hundred guns from fort Sumter & by a National salute from every fort & rebel battery that fired upon fort Sumter. Third. That suitable ceremonies be hadPage  376 upon the occasion under the direction of Maj. Gen Wm. T. Sherman whose military operations compelled the Rebels to evacuate Charleston, or in his absence under the charge of Maj Gen Q. A. Gillmore Comdg the Dept. Among the ceremonies will be the delivery of a public address by the Rev H. W. Beecher. Fourth. That the naval forces at Charleston & their commander on that station be invited to participate in the ceremonies of the occasion

`` `By order of The Pres't. of the U.S.


`` `Sec of War' '' (DLC-RTL).

Stanton's reply to Lincoln's telegram was received at 6:30 P.M.: ``My own impression agreed with yours that the surrender of Fort Sumter was on the 13th of April. But the official report of Maj Anderson to the Sec of War states that he `marched out of the fort on sunday afternoon the 14th inst with colors flying and Drums beating bringing away private property and saluting my flag with fifty guns' The attack was made on the 12th at 4.30 continued the next day & during the afternoon of the 13th The surrender was agreed upon but the evacuation actually took place on the afternoon of sunday the fourteenth 14 It may be a question of what time should be selected to raise the old flag. I should be glad to have your views. I had contemplated the time of actual evacuation on the 14th. Please let me know which you deem most proper the 13th or 14th'' (Ibid.).

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