[1]   ALS, CSmH. Stanton had telegraphed Lincoln on March 25: ``I have invited Henry Ward Beecher to deliver an address on raising the flag upon Fort Sumter and will give directions to Genl Gilmore to make all suitable military arrangements for the occasion and fire a salute of five hundred Guns. The flag will be raised by Genl Anderson. Please let me know if these arrangements have your approval. What does Genl Grant say about Yeatman. I congratulate you and Genl Grant on the operations of today'' (DLC-RTL).

His reply to Lincoln's telegram was received at 1:45 P.M: ``Your telegram of this day received we have no news but what comes from you & Gen Grant. Yeatman is not hurt no application has been made by him on his behalf he was suggested by General Halleck and had two (2) or three times occurred to me. . . . the weather here is very cold windy & disagreeable Your military news warms the blood or we would be in danger of a march chill.'' (Ibid.).

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