[1]   ALS, DNA WR RG 107, Presidential Telegrams, I, 354. Grant replied on February 25: ``Send Pryor on here and we will exchange him; He can do us no harm now. Capt Lincoln reported on the 22nd and was assigned to duty at my Head Quarters'' (DLC-RTL).

On February 6, Horace Greeley had written Lincoln: ``Roger A. Pryor, now a prisoner of war in Fort Lafayette, was captured under circumstances which seem to give him special claims to exchange. My friend Mr. W[ashington] McLean of Cincinnati is authorized to offer any reasonable exchange for Mr. Pryor, and I hope it may be effected.'' (Ibid.)

On February 7, Grant had notified William Hoffman, commissary general of prisoners:

``The prisoners you have at Fort Delaware may be forwarded direct to City Point. The proportion of officers is not material. . . .

``I think Pryor . . . now at Point Lookout, should not be exchanged so long as we hold a prisoner.'' (Copy, DLC-RTL).

On February 15, Joshua F. Speed had written Lincoln:

``Mr McClean of Cincinati is very anxious to get Roger Pryor . . . now at Fort Lafayette exchanged. He says that he would stake his fortune on Pryors complying with any promise he would make or for the fulfilment of the terms upon which he accepts a parole. . . .'' (Ibid.)

On February 18, John W. Forney also had appealed to Lincoln: ``I do not think that the release of Roger A. Prior, according to your generous card given to Washington McClain yesterday, would be followed by any but the very best consequences. He has Mr. Greeley's letter to you asking for his deliverance. APage  315 fair and honorable exchange is offered by his friends. I am full of sorrow that Mr. Stanton should object to the fulfillment of your promise in his behalf, and I now write this note in the hope that you will permit your own wishes to be carried out. . . .'' (Ibid.).

Washington McLean, publisher of the Cincinnati Inquirer, obtained the pass on February 25 (infra).

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