[13]   ALS copy.

Not included in Lincoln's report but important to the narrative is the following:

``Head Quarters Armies of the United States,

``January 31st 1865.

``Hon. Alexander H. Stephens, J. A Campbell, and R. M. T Hunter

``Gentlemen! Your communication of yesterday requesting an interview with myself and a safe conduct to Washington and return, is received. I will instruct the Commanding Officer of the forces near Petersburg to receive you, notifying you at what point of the line and the time when and where conveyance will be ready for you.

``Your letter to me has been telegraphed to Washington for instructions. I have no doubt but that before you arrive at my Headquarters an answer will be received directing me to comply with your request. Should a different reply be received I promise you a safe and immediate return within your own lines. I am, very respectfully (sgd) U. S. GRANT

``Official Lieutenant General.

``T. S. Bowers.

``Asst. Adjt. Gen'l.'' (Copy, owned by Justin G. Turner, Los Angeles, California).

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