[1]   ES, DLC-RTL. Lincoln's endorsement is written on the following letter from William H. Kent, September 27, 1864: ``In July last, my Pass as Army Correspondent of the N.Y. Tribune was revoked by order of Lt. Gen. Grant, at the request, I believe of Maj. Gen. Meade. I am not conscious of and certainly did not intend to write aught but what was true and proper for publication. Since that time the order relating to Mr. Wm. Swinton of the N.Y. Times who was sent from the Army at the same time has been rescinded by Gen. Meade. In behalf of the Tribune and myself I have respectfully to ask that similar action be taken in my case.''

Endorsements by General George G. Meade and General Winfield S. Hancock (October 4 and 7) indicate that Kent had submitted false and injurious reports on Hancock's command, and Grant's endorsement of October 10 reads: ``The most liberal facilities are afforded to newspaper correspondents, but they cannot be permitted to misrepresent facts to the injury of the service. When they so offend their pass . . . is withdrawn. . . . In this case there appears to have been a deliberate attempt to injure one of the best Generals and Corps in the service. I cannot therefore consent to Mr. Kent's return to this army.''

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