[1]   AD, RPB. This memorandum is written in pencil on a blotter. The date has been assigned on the assumption that Governor Reuben E. Fenton's conference with Lincoln, January 22-24, provided the data of which Lincoln takes notice. On January 26, upon returning to Albany, Governor Fenton wrote Lincoln: ``Honorables James A. Bell, George H. Andrews, Thomas B. Van Buren, and E. C. Topliff, Members of the Legislature, visit you in regard to filling the quotas for our State. They will represent to you the public feeling, and what we deem just cause for complaint. I beg you consider favorably what they may say; and allow me again to earnestly renew my recommendations as to the mode of filling the present quota.'' (DLC-RTL). See Lincoln to Stanton, infra.

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