[1]   ALS, DNA WR RG 107, Presidential Telegrams, I, 296. See Lincoln to Stanton, January 4, supra. General Wallace replied on January 22: ``I referred your telegram relative to Waters to Maj Genl [Edward M.] McCook President of the Military Commission and he replies as followsPage  230

`` `The trial of Levin L. Waters is progressing in good faith. The papers in his case were sent to the commission about ten (10) days ago. The accused asked to have thirty (30) witnesses summoned, then some more, which was ordered. These witnesses are now reporting and his trial commenced Monday night. I received no instructions from you to have him tried at once, or discharged but only received telegram from Mr Stanton to proceed without delay to have Waters tried The delay you will observe has been from a disposition to accomodate Waters. Remembering your former directions I have had the effort made to hasten the proceedings I assure you I would not thwart your wishes or trifle with a prisoners liberty Under these circumstances shall the trial proceed''' (DLC-RTL).

See further Lincoln to Wallace, January 22, infra.

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