[1]   AES, NAuE. Lincoln's endorsement is written on Seward's letter of December 23, 1864, to Representative George H. Yeaman: ``I have had the honor to receive and have commended to the consideration of the President, your note of the 21st instant and the accompanying letter addressed to me by C. S. Todd, Esqr.''

A letter from Charles S. Todd to Francis P. Blair, Sr., November 29, 1864, sets forth Todd's wish to live in New Orleans, the inadequacy of his current salary as assessor of internal revenue at Owensboro, Kentucky, and his belief that ``as a pupil of [William Henry] Harrison and Minister to Military Governments guided by [Simon] Bolivar and [Czar] Nicholas'' he would be valuable to General Nathaniel P. Banks in a military appointment (DLC-RTL).

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