[1]   DfS, DLC-RTL. The signed draft includes corrections in Lincoln's autograph as noted. Accompanying the draft is Harrison's signed pledge, also with corrections by Lincoln:

``Washington, D.C. December 23, 1864.

``In consideration that the President of the United States today delivers to me a paper of which the within is a copy, I pledge him my word of honor that whatever I may do thereunder shall be at my own expense and risk of person and property, with no claim upon him or upon the government in any contingency whatever; that I will take absolutely nothing into the insurgent lines, which could be of value to them, except the boats, tows, goods money and provisions as stated; and that I will not take said boats, tows, and other matters stated, [Lincoln amended ``provisions'' to ``other matters stated''] or any of them, into said insurgent lines, unless I shall first have the personal pledge of Gen. Kirby Smith, or the officer in chief command, given directly by him to me, that said boats and tows shall without condition, safely return to our Military lines.


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