[30]   The Report of the Secretary of Agriculture may be found in Thirty-eighth Congress, Second Session, House Executive Document No. 68. Lincoln's brief paragraph on the Department of Agriculture is a revision of the shortest of three tentative drafts prepared by the department:

``The Agricultural Department under the management of its present experienced and efficient head, is giving daily proofs of valuable benefits that enure to the agriculture of the country by the judicious application of the means appropriated by government. It is encouraging a more vigorous prosecution of industry, by its taking hold of the information that is imparted, and is opening new fields of enterprise, and new channels of wealth.

``So fully am I convinced of the capabilities and advantages of the agricultural Department to the objects of its institution, and to the benefits it is dispensing, that I respectfully commend it to your favorable consideration, and liberal encouragement.'' (DLC-RTL, 39059).

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