[1]   ALS, DNA WR RG 107, Presidential Telegrams, I, 245. On November 22 Governor Bramlette telegraphed Lincoln:

``Lt Gov [Richard T.] Jacob is at Catlettsburg & Col [Frank L.] Wolford at Covington both are under arrest & by order of the Secret Inquisition ordered into the rebel lines Will you either order their release at once or a suspension of the order until you receive my communication of this date'' (DLC-RTL).

Bramlette's letter of the same date forwarded a petition for the release of Jacob and Wolford, signed by Joshua F. Speed and others. The arrangements which Lincoln hoped to work out with Albert G. Hodges and General Samuel G. Suddarth of the Kentucky State Militia seem not to have materialized. See Lincoln to Dickson, December 27, infra.

A communication from General Stephen G. Burbridge to Colonel Norton P. Chipman, November 23, 1864, gives the reasons for Jacob's arrest: ``Lieutenant-Governor Jacob was arrested for making speeches in Kentucky, in which he advised armed resistance to the enrollment and enlistment of slaves; advised citizens to arm to resist military interference at the polls; and generally his whole conduct and speeches have been wholly disloyal. . . .'' (OR, I, XLV, I, 1010).

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