Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Simon Cameron [1]

Hon. Sec. of War Executive Mansion
My dear Sir: July 30. 1861

In addition to those named in my note of yesterday, [2] please send me nominations, as Brigadier Generals of Volunteers, [3] for Ulysses S. Grant, John A. McClernand, and Benjamin M. Prentiss, of Illinois; B F. Kelly, and Frederick [4] W. Lander, of Virginia; [5] Joseph [6] Hooker, of California; Edward D. Baker, of Oregon; Siegel, of Missouri; Rufus King, of Wisconsin, [7] and Thomas W. Sherman, of the regular Army.

You perceive I have only the initials for Kelly & Lander; and no part of the christian names for Hooker & Siegel. [8] Please fill these in, so far as you have the means, and leave spaces for me to find the rest, which I shall try to do.

And be sure to have the nominations reach me in time to be sent to the Senate to-day. [9] Yours very truly A. LINCOLN


[1]   ALS-F, ISLA.

[2]   Lincoln had sent to the Senate the nominations of Nathaniel P. Banks, JohnPage  594

A. Dix and Benjamin F. Butler to be major generals as of May 16, 1861.

[3]   ``Lt. Col. Thomas W. Sherman, 5 Art.'' has been inadvertently inserted (not in Lincoln's handwriting) at this point.

[4]   ``Rederick'' filled in (not in Lincoln's handwriting).

[5]   Lander was from Massachusetts.

[6]   ``Joseph'' filled in (not in Lincoln's handwriting).

[7]   ``Rufus King, of Wisconsin'' which Lincoln had inserted, has been crossed out.

[8]   ``Siegel'' has been crossed out.

[9]   Thomas W. Sherman, Ulysses S. Grant, John A. McClernand, Benjamin M. Prentiss, Benjamin F. Kelly, Frederick W. Lander, Joseph Hooker, Edward D. Baker, Franz Sigel and Rufus King were appointed brigadier generals of Volunteers as of May 17, 1861.