Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

John Constant [1]

I have been at a good deal of pains to get the information you want. As I now understand it, Shandy assigned to Fogg, three notes on Constant, two of them for $150 each, one due one year after date, & the other due in two years, both dated May 9th. 1839,---the other for $45---due one year after date, dated May 10th. 1839---on the last, there is a credit of $18.00, as of June 16th. 1841. Constant had a mortgage against White to secure four notes, three of them, for $250 each, and the fourth for $450---he sold three of the notes & retained one of the $250 ones. The mortgaged property was sold on the 27th. day of August 1844. for $550---and it has not been redeemed. It was sold for the ratable benefit of these four notes; and consequently the ratio of the 250 note retained by Constant goes to Fogg. It's ratio, as I count it, is $114.581/3 cents, to be credited on the Shandy notes as of date 27th August 1844. The ballance of those notes remain unpaid. This


[1]   AD, owned by Mrs. Edna Orendorff Macpherson, Springfield, Illinois. The top and bottom of this letter have been cut off. From the contents, the letter appears to have been written after August 27, 1844. In the case of John Constant v. John White, Logan and Lincoln obtained judgment for the plaintiff in the amount of $1,200, on November 16, 1843.