Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   AD, DLC. This document is misdated April 13 in Hertz, II, 967. Charles A. Dana telegraphed Stanton at 4 P.M.: ``Judge Campbell . . . had an interview with the President here this morning to consider how Virginia can be brought back to the Union. All they ask is an amnesty and a military convention, to cover appearances. Slavery they admit to be defunct. General Weitzel, who was present, tells me that the President did not promise the amnesty, but told them he had the pardoning power, and would save any repentant sinner from hanging. They . . . are sure if amnesty could be offered the rebel army would dissolve and all the States return. The President went to City Point this morning, and I have not been able to see him.'' (OR, I, XLVI, III, 575).

On April 7, Dana telegraphed Stanton further: ``Meeting of five members of the Virginia legislature held here to-day upon the President's propositions to Judge Campbell. The President showed me the papers confidentially to-day. They are two in number, one without address [supra], the other . . . to General Weitzel [April 6, infra]. The one states sine qua non of reunion, and does not differ essentially from previous statements. The second authorizes Weitzel to allow members of the body claiming to be legislature of Virginia to meet here for purpose of recalling Virginia soldiers from rebel armies, with safe conduct to them, so long as they do and say nothing hostile to the United States. Judge Campbell laid these papers before the five men. . . . The President told me this morning that Sheridan seemed to be getting Virginia soldiers out of the war faster than this legislature could think. . . .'' (Ibid., p. 619).

See Lincoln to Grant, April 6, infra.