Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   ALS, ORB. Grant's first telegram is as follows: ``Just arrived here 11 15 A.M. Nothing heard of from the front yet. No firing. I start in a few minutes. Sheridan got off at 3 this morning'' (DLC-RTL).

The second telegram was sent from ``Gravelly Run'': ``The 2d Corps are in the position designated for them for today No oposition has yet been met but a few pickets & scouts have been picked up Nothing heard from Sheridan yet

Page  377[Gouverneur K.] Warren must now be in the place laid down for him in orders I will remain here until morning if nothing transpires'' (ibid.).

The third from ``Gravelley Creek,'' was received at 5:10 P.M. ``The enemy attacked [Charles] Griffin Div 5 AC near where the Quaker road intersects the Boydtown road about 4 P.M. The enemy were repulsed leaving about 60 prisoners in our hands There was some loss of life on both sides'' (ibid.).

Grant's reply to Lincoln's telegram was received at 9 P.M: ``Griffin was attacked near where the Quaker road intersects the Boydtown Plank---at 5.50 P.M. Warren reports the fighting pretty severe but the enemy repulsed leaving one hundred prisoners in our hands. Warren advanced to attack at the hour named but found the enemy gone. He thinks inside of his main works. Warren's Pickets on his left along Boydtown Plank road reported the enemys cavalry moving rapidly Northward & they thought, Sheridan after them. Sheridan was in Dinwiddie this P.M.'' (Ibid.).