Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Concerning the Duchess of Argyll [1]

Executive Mansion,
Washington, March 22, 1865.

Senator Sumner shows me a letter from the Dutchess of Argyle, of date, March 2. 1865, from which I extract the following.

``I do not know what your opinion is as to giving the Franchise to the negroes of the Slave States. One wd. be inclined to think that that [sic] there ought to be some realization first of their new condition.

We feel great confidence in the President. It is sad to hear of the Abolition party so much divided since his nomination

Has Goldwin Smith made you understand more than you did, the mist before the eyes of Englishmen? I like his Article in McMillanPage  372 on the Prest. and think the speech at the Gettysburg Cemetery must live.'' A. LINCOLN


[1]   ADS, DLC-RTL. Concerning the letter of Elizabeth Georgiana Granville, Duchess of Argyll, see Pierce, Memoir and Letters of Charles Sumner, IV, 241.