Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Edward O. C. Ord [1]

Major General Ord Executive Mansion,
Army of the James. Washington, May [March] 20. 1865.

Is it true that George W. Lane is detained at Norfolk without any charge against him? And if so, why is it done?



[1]   ALS, DNA WR RG 107, Presidential Telegrams, I, 376. Lincoln plainly misdated this telegram ``May 20.'' General Ord replied on March 21: ``It is not true that Geo W Lane is detained at Norfolk without any charges against him Charges of a very serious nature are before the Secy of War against Lane of which [one] is that he made use of your name to cover flagrant violations of law thereby betraying the confidence bestowed in him &c &c'' (DLC-RTL).

George W. Lane of Baltimore had procured a permit to bring out cotton from the Chowan River in North Carolina. His cargo and ship were seized at Norfolk, Virginia, where he was imprisoned by order of a military commission (Private and Official Correspondence of Benjamin F. Butler, V, 550, 577). See further, Lincoln to Gordon, April 11, infra.