Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Concerning Maryland Appointments [1]

March 9, 1865

To-day Gov. Swann, Mayor Chapman, & Hon Mr. Webster personally complain of me about my action in regard to the offices in Maryland.

1. Blumenberg.

2. Sands---Collector of 5 Dist.

3. Ridgeley---this, not objected to.

4. Stuart. this objected.---removal of Thompson. Changes made in Custom-House with a view of economy---15 dropped---12 my friends---on whose designation dropped.


[1]   AD, DLC-RTL. Lincoln's callers were: Governor Thomas Swann, Mayor John L. Chapman of Baltimore, and former congressman Edwin H. Webster, who is listed in the U.S. Official Register, 1865, as collector of customs at Baltimore. Leopold Blumenberg is listed as superintendent of warehouses in the customhouse at Baltimore, James L. Ridgely as collector of internal revenue at Baltimore, and Joseph J. Stewart (Stuart?) as assessor of internal revenue at Baltimore. William Thomson (Thompson?) is listed in the 1863 Register, as a clerk in the Baltimore customhouse. Sands has not been found in the Register, but was probably George W. Sands of Ellicott Mills, (now Ellicott City), Maryland.