Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Executive Mansion March 6. 1865.

Whereas, Amos C. Babcock and William Babcock of Fulton County, Illinois, claim to own or control Products of the insurrectionary States in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas, and have arrangements with parties in the insurrectionary

Page  335States by which they will be able to bring such Products within the national military lines and sell and deliver the same to agents authorised to purchase for the United States under the Act of Congress of July 2. 1865 and the Regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury

It is ordered, that all such Products which an authorised agent of the Government has agreed to purchase and the said Amos C and William Babcock have stipulated to deliver as shown by the certificate of said agent issued under Regulation VIII. (Form No. 1 of Regulations) attached hereto by such agent, and being transported or in store awaiting transportation for fulfillment of said stipulation and in pursuance of the Regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury, shall be free from detention seizure or forfeiture to the United States; and officers of the Army and Navy and civil officers of the Government will observe this order, and will give the said Amos C. and William Babcock their agents and means of transportation and said Products, free and unmolested passage through the lines other than blockaded lines, and safe conduct within the lines, while going for or returning with said Products, or while said Products are in store awaiting transportation for the purposes aforesaid. ABRAHAM LINCOLN